Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rumors of War III

Bee's Note:  My friend Grumpy posted the Glenn Beck video "Rumors of War III".  I have received E-mails  about the video, suggesting I watch, but due to a very busy week at home, I ignored the video.  Plus, I don't agree with everything Beck says/preaches, and resent the fact that in order to listen to him on a regular basis since he left Fox News, you have to become a paying subscriber to his blog.  Most bloggers do not get paid one dime, and if I had to begin paying every site I visited on the Net, this blog would have to shut down (due to non-payment! ha ha!)!   However, when a good friend suggests that Beck is "on target", then its time to listen and so, I took time this morning to listen to the video.  As Grumpy says, this video is lengthy, but I have to agree with that old bear, "It is spellbinding"!

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann joined Glenn Beck on Thursday to share her impressions of GBTV’s groundbreaking documentary, “Rumors of War III,” which exposes how the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the upper echelons of America’s government. Bachmann, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, confirmed that “every single word was accurate” and “absolutely profound.”
“It was spellbinding.”
While the findings of the documentary will shake many citizens’ faith in government, the former GOP presidential candidate asked listeners not to lose heart and promised that there are members of Congress who are on top of the situation.
Referencing the recent purging of FBIState Department and military training manuals of all reference to words such as “terrorist” and “Islam,“ Bachmann said the move is nothing short of ”censorship.” The Minnesota congresswoman assured that, to deal with the matter, she is forming a caucus along with Rep. Allen West, that will meet on a weekly basis. Their goal is to “educate every member we can” and ultimately, have each member of Congress watch the Rumors of War III documentary.
Bachmann added that she and others are drafting a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clintonand other departments demanding the Inspector General investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of American government. She said that they will name “at least 6 individuals” to be investigated.
Noting that the “finest” and most “trustworthy” people were chosen to appear in the documentary,  she reiterated her approval of “Rumors of War,” stating it was the best documentary she has seen.