Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fayyad: Please send money or else

Bee's Note:  
Oh no!  The Arab nations are not supporting the Palestinian Authority (using the term "authority" lightly!),  Now, why do you suppose  the United States, the EU, and UN aren't able to keep those Palestinians afloat?  The Palestinian Authority (include Hamas/Gaza in that tight-knit group), since it's been over a year ago when the PA's joined up with Hamas leadership, can't find the same "compassion" from their own "brothers".  Plant some bleeding hearts, please, among the weeds of deception in Fayyad's garden.  
One can only hope Obama is not reading this teary-eyed plea from Fayyad!  If he is, Americans can expect another announcement from Obama and Hillary that Americans should understand the importance of dishing out more MILLIONS to the "poor" Palestinians, as it is in the "best" interests of the United States security, etc. etc. and etc.
I think I understand why this administration's focus is on aiding the PA's more than the Arabs.  It has to do with how much money the U.S. has invested in supporting an organization that can't seem to take care of themselves after years of "hand-outs" from the world.  The PA's (formerly the PLO's) haven't learned how to budget the BILLIONS they receive; or, learn how to put that money to better use than educating their children to hate; or using that "gifted" money to bomb Israel; or, to line the pockets of the PA's/Hamas leaders.  
One thing for sure, the PA's have not learned or taught their people in all the years they have had their hands out to be productive and contribute to their own society. Apparently, they or some are living beyond their means and that is expected when people live off the hard work of others. They are the biggest Welfare organization in the world!  Lazy, unproductive, irresponsible beggars.  After all, as long as the PA's are claiming "poor-mouth", the Arabs can use them as a propaganda item in order to gain the sympathy of the world to blame Israel for their false plight.(Sadly, that seems to work every time the PA's beg for more money.)  And to think, they actually believe they deserve "statehood" when the Arab nations won't give them a room for a night or a dime for a loaf of bread.  The Arabs can refuse to aid the PA's because to-date, the world has been willing to do what the Arabs refuse to do - support their Muslim brothers and sisters.  
How many more generations will this old world be expected to support this organization?  It's past time we all reviewed U.S. aid to the PA's and perhaps turned that responsibility over to the Arabs.   

by Carl in Jerusalem
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

 'Palestinian' Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is once again schnorring for money.
Given the task of building institutions in readiness for statehood, Fayyad said his job was being imperiled by a lack of resources, with Arab nations failing to hand over promised aid.

"There is an issue of survivability of the Palestinian Authority given the acute financial crisis we are going through," he said, adding his government needed a "few hundred million dollars" to keep afloat.

The Palestinian Authority -- which exercises limited self-rule in the West Bank -- depends on donor aid from the United States, the European Union and Arab states to pay the salaries of public workers, including teachers and security personnel.

The Palestinians had planned for foreign aid of about $1.1 billion in 2011, but received just under $750 million and are lagging again in donations this year. No reason has been given for the failure of some Arab allies to honor their pledges.
Boo. Hoo. Maybe the Arab countries are finally getting sick of supporting the bloated and unproductive 'Palestinian' bureaucracy. Maybe they should go to work.

posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 10:58 AM