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Obama Could Finally Acquire Elusive Internet “Kill Switch

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Barack Obama 8 SC 300x199 Obama Could Finally Acquire Elusive Internet “Kill Switch”For three years Barack Hussein Obama and his handlers have labored to create a functioning dictatorship in the midst of a constitutional republic. It was shamefully easy at first. With unassailable majorities in House and Senate, even a Republican leadership unafraid to contest the excesses of the first black president would have been powerless to slow the implementation of his agenda.
The left passed ObamaCare, giving itself the means of executing a calculated program of attrition against millions of reliably Republican seniors. At the same time, a corrupt Department of Justice worked to undermine the 2nd Amendment, interfered with the effort of states to legislate against voter fraud and facilitated the entry of millions of illegals by refusing to enforce immigration law.
Even a disastrous midterm election has not slowed Obama’s acquisition of power as 190 House Republicans helped vote into law the infamous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), providing the Commander and Chief unlimited authority to detain and imprison without due process any American he considers a threat to national security.
But one vitally important power has eluded the usurper in the White House, that being the legal means to control the world-wide web. Countless attempts have been made to provide Obama that longed for internet “kill switch,” many of them originating with Senator Joe Lieberman. Yet from Net Neutrality to the 2010 “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act,” all have met with such an outcry from left and right alike that they have died in Congress.
All, that is, until now. A week ago the House of Representatives passed the latest Congressional attempt to nullify the last remaining exercise of American freedom, the “cyber-security” bill called CISPA—the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.
According to lawmakers, the purpose of CISPA is to make it easier for companies and the federal government to share information about methods of thwarting hackers. Until now, such information sharing about individual web users could have provided the grounds for a law suit. CISPA, however, “… would allow companies to freely share “cyber-threat information” without consequence.” (1)
Critics of the bill point to the fact that, in the form passed by the House, “…any web-related service provider may share ‘cyber threat information with any other entity,’ including the military and National Security Agency NOTWITHSTANDING ANY OTHER PROVISION OF LAW…” In short, once enacted the terms of CISPA would take precedence over any existing state or federal law. Privacy laws would be a thing of the past. (1)
Though Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security has “monitored” the mood of the public for some time, the enactment of CISPA would transform the now shadowy Department methods of spying on the enemies of Barack into a full-time, executive branch operation. (2) As civil liberties groups have claimed, the bill is so broadly written that it “would allow companies to share private consumer information with the government under the guise of sharing information about potential hacker threats.” (3)
For a would-be despot of Barack Obama’s ilk, the possibilities for abuse inherent in such a law are staggering. He would have the authority to flagrantly spy on any group or individual under the pretense of concern for national security. And as he may, under the powers afforded him by the NDAA, declare such groups or individuals a threat to the United States, the chilling effect upon any declared opposition to his nefarious schemes would be enormous. What better way to kill the internet than to clear it of all dissent!
Some claim that CISPA will have a difficult time in the US Senate. We must hope that will be the case.
By Doug Book, Coach Is Right
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