Friday, May 25, 2012

So, how did those stall tactics work out for Iran?

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili ( R) greets UN nuclear chief Yukiya Amano (L) during their official meeting on May 21, 2012 in Tehran, Iran. Amano's visit comes two days ahead of Tehran's meeting on Wednesday in Baghdad with a group of world powers, to discuss concerns over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons drive. UPI/Fars News /Hamed Jafarnejad  ... Licensed Photo

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
May 25, 2012
According to U.S. News/UPI, and its report from the White House, "New Iran talks are "progress".  WASHINGTON, May 25 (UPI) -- A third round of talks among Iran and six world powers on Tehran's nuclear program is a sign of progress even with no breakthrough so far, the White House said.  "We did not expect in the prior two rounds breakthrough moments," White House spokesman Jay Carney said after the two-day second round of talks ended in Baghdad Thursday in an impasse.  The Wall Street Journal reported Friday the talks appeared at times close to breaking down.  "What we're looking for is progress," Carney told reporters. "We're looking for seriousness on the part of the Iranians in terms of addressing the concerns of the international community. And, thus far, those expectations have been met."  The next round of talks is to take place June 18 and 19 in Moscow, Western and Iranian officials said.  Read more:

However, there appears to be quite a difference of opinion between the White House report and that of Iran's. According to Iran's statements, posted by Israel National News
Baghdad Nuclear Talks"Iran Declares Impasse in Nuclear Talks.  An Iranian says 'the basis for another round of negotiations does not exist yet' after Tehran rejected demands from the world powers." Iran on Thursday rejected the proposal from the P5+1 in talks over its controversial nuclear program.
Tehran and the P5+1 – the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – were in the second day of talks in Baghdad seeking to resolve international concerns over Iran's nuclear program. ... continue reading
And, what does Israel, the country Iran promises to "wipe off the map" think of the on-going stalling of Iran?  The Liberty Sentry has a good column on "Iran Rejects West’s Proposal on Nuclear Curbs‎:
"Israeli leaders have been critical of the talks, claiming it allows Iran to buy time and drive a wedge between Washington and Jerusalem. On Wednesday, Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak said even possible moves by Iran to open its nuclear facilities to greater U.N. inspection doesn't rule out a possible Israeli military strike." continue reading ...
 The meetings between the P5+1 and Iran reminds me of an old movie "Around the world in 80 days".  These world leaders can bounce around from Iraq to Moscow, to some far away islands in the Pacific and back again, all to no avail.  The negotiations are a failure, with Iran seeking lesser sanctions, while the U.S. talks about "limited" nuclear capabilities.  Sure, allow a madman and its followers to obtain its goal, while instead of moving "forward", the world continues to back away from the greatest threat to civilization known to mankind.  Israel may be the first on Iran's list, but that would only be the beginning.  Iran's intentions have never been hidden - it threatens not only Israel, but the entire West.  Ask yourself, "How do you reason with  insanity?"  It was tired once, with Chamberlains and Hitler - how did that work out, as it took the world 5 years to stop one madman?!  And, if you remember, over 12 MILLION people murdered, tortured, cast into ovens (and worse) - the imagination of evil in the mind of a madmen knows no bounds; nor, has such evil stopped with the death of Hitler.  

At the moment, Israel sees a second Holocaust looming over its skies; is she entirely alone?  Will the world stand still and allow Iran to become the next madman to destroy first, Israel, and then the entire Middle East and the West?  I refuse to believe that the United States of America will not assist Israel in protecting her nation.  It matters not that the European Union, Russia, and the U.S. "believe" in more discussions with Iran; the clock is ticking, Iran has announced nothing will prevent her from obtaining atomic weapons,  nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes.

Who are you going to believe - an Iranian lunatic, or the wisdom of our only ally in the Middle East, Israel?  The words "Never Again" apply specifically to one race and to the only nation in this world with citizens that still have the numbers/marks tattooed to their arms.