Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hillary Clinton To Be First Foreign Official To Meet With Egypt’s New Muslim Brotherhood President…


Via The Hill:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the first foreign official to meet with newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s Al-Ahram news website is reporting.
The site is quoting officials at Cairo’s airport for the report. The State Department, however, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The Washington Post, citing an unnamed senior administration official, reported Tuesday that “U.S. officials hope to make a strong impression on Morsi, 60, during an upcoming visit by a senior administration official to Cairo.”
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Bee's Note:  Be sure to check out some of the comments on Zip's blog - very interesting.  Can't wait to see how the Brotherhood receives Hillary.  After all, the Brotherhood does not allow women in politics.  Come to think of it, Hillary may be safer if she just steps off the plane wearing the hijab (photo).  There is only one reason Hillary would be accepted by the Brotherhood leaders - 'CASH".  As long as the United States continues to pour out suitcases filled with American taxpayers money, along with a few military tanks/planes, she might be "welcomed".  ... Just another stupid move by this administration.  Is it November yet?!