Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sanctions Against Iran Don’t Even Work For Cell Phone Technology

June 4, 2012
The sanctions against Iran are working so well that we can’t even keep cell-phone technology out of their hands. A new Iranian cell-phone carrier managed to get their hands on sophisticated U.S. technology.

Sanctions prohibit the sales of American technology to Iran. The Iranians were able to do it through a network of tech companies in Iran (MTN) and the Middle East. Some of the equipment was obtained via Dubai.

U.S. enforcement of sanctions appears to be lacking.

The sourced equipment came from Sun Microsystems Inc, Hewlett Packard Co and Cisco Systems Inc. Sun and Cisco said they have no idea how it happened and they are investigating

Last spring,  ZTE Corp, a Chinese telecom-equipment maker, had sold and/or shipped millions of dollars worth of U.S. hardware and software to Iran since 2010 despite the U.S. sales ban.
A former top executive for MTN, Chris Kilowan, said that there is nothing available in the U.S. that can’t be gotten in Iran.

The United States said today that Israel is receptive to new sanctions to curb Iran’s nuclear program. I guess that is because they’ve worked so well thus far (irony).

If Israel is receptive, it is only because they have no choice. The sanctions are ineffective in keeping technology out of their hands.

Reuters claims it happened because the U.S. is concentrating on materials directly connected to the nuclear program. That’s a feeble and implausible excuse.

Today Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that any Israeli move against Iran will be met with a strike on the head like lightening. He went on about Zionists and evil Americans who cowed Egyptian leaders for years and who are now trying to sow strife in Muslim nations to hide their own weakness.

Still slip sliding around the issue of a nuclear Iran, the Ayatollah said that what the West should be afraid of is not a nuclear Iran but an Islamic Iran.

The empowered Ayatollah said, “It is Islamic Iran that has triggered an earthquake that is shaking the pillars of the hegemonistic powers.The Iranian nation has proved that a nation can make true progress without dependence on the United States, without reliance on the self-proclaimed powers.”

He further stated, “Sanctions cannot prevent the Iranian nation from making progress.” That seems to be the most accurate statement of all.

Read the stories at Reuters and Tehran Times

Bee's NOTE:
Let me quote PM Netanyahu (again):
Netanyahu: We certainly would prefer that all these economic sanctions produce a result. But you have to understand how atomic weapons are made. The most critical part is to fill the bomb with explosive material which in this case is called fissile material. To prepare that material is very hard, it takes a long time. Most of the significant part to prepare this atomic TNT is to enrich uranium at a low percentage of enrichment. Iran has that already. The higher up you get is much faster. What they are being asked now to do is not stop filling the canister, not to stop enrichment, not to take away the material – all that is not being asked, not even shut down the underground nuclear bunker in Qom that they tried to hide from the world. The Iranians were only asked to stop 20 percent enrichment of uranium. That doesn’t stop their nuclear program in any way. It actually allows them to continue their nuclear program. ... continue reading here ...
No one "wants" a war with Iran.  However, since sanctions are "ineffective in keeping technology out of Iran's hand", and noting Netanyahu's comment that Iran has not been asked to stop enrichment, what exactly is the alternative to stopping Iran from reaching its final goal - the atomic bomb?  

Iran considers America "evil" and puts all of us in the same boat as Israel.  And, yet, this administration continues it failed policies, as it requests that Israel "hold off", to allow more sanctions to work in the fall.  

No one wanted a war with Hitler either, but history proves stalling the inevitable allowed a madman to slaughter 6 MILLION Jews and 6 more million people of other backgrounds.  TWELVE MILLION people dead, from the ideology that began with one man's insanity.

Today, it appears only one nation on earth remembers history, while world "leaders" sit in their fat chairs discussing "diplomacy" with another group of madmen in Iran.

Have we learned nothing?!