Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Take off running ....

Swans taking off running on water ...
Today ends almost a month's vacation and I did so want to "take off running".  I have spent time last night reviewing news and headlines, comments from friends, and the most difficult decision I have is where to begin?!  What is the Number One issue facing Americans today?  Since we are in "count down" mode from now until November's election, I believe the most important issue facing all Americans is the need to restore balance in our leadership, beginning at the White House.  

Americans Stand with Israel is not a blog meant to bash Obama 24-7.  Of course, that would be too easy considering how much damage this one man has imposed on the United States these past 4 years!  There isn't one policy, not one ray of light, shinning from this administration that represents the brilliance of America's past or its future.  For America to stand on its feet, it must first gain back from those who have  financially supported the very enemies of the United States, including those Alice in Wonderland "Tea Parites" held in the White House, entertaining the Muslim Brotherhood and other misfits.  Our economy is in the tank - worse or the same as that of the Great Depression.  (I could give numerous examples, but that would take up too much time.)  This administration seeks to blame Bush, as they refuse to take responsibility for their own damaging decisions these past four years; the "Buck Stops Here" is not a plaque sitting on Obama's desk.

The one refreshing announcement was made during Mitt Romney's visit to Israel, when he stated "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel".  Of course, that stirred up a hornet's nest from the Palestinians and the White House, but I will be posting more on that topic throughout the day.  One thing everyone should know is Congress passed a law in 1995 declaring that Jerusalem is the capital and that the United States shall move its embassy there from Tel Aviv. However, the law included a waiver that allows the president to postpone the move every six months if he cites issues of “national security.”  That fact demonstrates that Obama is not the only President who has stalled in moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's capital.  How is it that the world accepts the capital and seat of government to every country except Israel?  Congress should insist that after 17 years, it is past time to move our embassy to Jerusalem. 

Do you think the OIC would have refused to give one minute of silence for those who died at Munich's Massacre in 1972, if America had taken a lead in supporting Israel?  The world is taking its lead from the anti-Israel propaganda, promoted by the Islamic community, and embraced by this Obama administration.

Israel's 1972 Olympic delegation. 11 did not go home.
Photo: Israel's 1972 Olympic delegation. 11 did not go home. Remember them today.

Join our campaign & #StandForMunich11 during IOC President Jacques Rogge's speech at #London2012 Olympic opening ceremonies.

We remember: David Berger, Ze'ev Friedman, Yossef Gutfreund, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Romano, Amitzur Shapira, Kehat Shorr, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer, Yakov Springer, and Moshe Weinberg .

Oh, there's more, lots more happening throughout the world, but our focus during the weeks to come will be the upcoming elections and why this will be the most important decision made by every American voter.  Our votes will have a lasting impact on America's future (and that of our allies).  Vote as if your life and that of your grandchildren's lives depended on it - it does!

Have a good week!  

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