Thursday, August 2, 2012


Bee's Note:  Atlas Shrugs/Pamela Geller's blog was kind enough to notice our blog and I have to mention it here, as it is a tremendous encouragement to Americans Stand with Israel.  Why?  Because Pamela is in the heat of battle daily, against anti-Semitism, Islamic terrorism, and so many issues Americans face that are not reported by the Main Stream Media.  Pamela is often given an opportunity to speak on Fox News, when she isn't speaking at conferences and demonstrating why there should be no Mosque at Ground Zero.  In other words, to be mentioned by one of America's "Warriors" in the fight against terrorism is an honor for me.  Thank you, Pamela - you made my day!
The aftermath of Twin Towers collapse


When I exposed the silence of the big right and their absence of coverage on jihad, I did not mean to imply that there were no blogs covering jihad, sharia, and Islam. That never entered my mind. Nor did I mean to give smaller counter jihad blogs short shrift.
The small counter jihad blogs are doing the heavy lifting and they deserve praise.
I do not want to leave anyone out who has been supportive and fought jihad. If this describes your work, please leave your blog and URL in the comment section. Many of you I know, others I would like to know.
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