Thursday, August 23, 2012

Memories by Bee Sting

Memories of our Wedding -- Nov. 16, 1963
My beloved husband, William
Oct. 7, 1936 - August 24, 2010

Memories ....

This Friday, August 24th, marks the Second Anniversary since my beloved partner and best friend shut his eyes and began a new journey - to a home where there is no more pain or sorrow. 

I remember a young man with dark hair and hazel eyes who melted my heart years ago.  We shared a life together for almost 47 years, raised four children and were privileged to see ten grandchildren grow into beautiful young men and women.  

Bill loved gardening and landscaping and oh, how he could grow the most beautiful flower gardens!  There is a young Canadian pine tree growing outside my window that he planted 5 years ago - it has grown from 3 feet to now 6 feet tall.  Every where I walk in my yard, there are beautiful memories of Bill.

It has only been two years, but something I would like to share with you is that with time, all our disappointments fade and only the happy memories remain within my heart and soul and that, I believe, is the grace God gives each of us to lessen the sorrow of losing our loved one.

I am who I am today mostly because of the man who shared his love with me.  We grew so much alike that we could finish each other's sentences.  I see his smile in the smiles of our grandsons.  I see his kindness in his own sons and I am blessed.  

Bill was the one who encouraged me to begin blogging - and so, it gives me an opportunity to share our love for each other each year, with my readers.

There is a music video I have on the sidebar that reminds me of Bill during the days when we were young and danced in one of Boston's great ballrooms.  I play "Love you every second" and it always brings a smile within my heart, remembering days that now seem to have passed all too quickly and even though Bill is no longer with me, it is true, I continue to love him "every second".