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Precious U.S. Citizenship: Diminished and Given Away by Obama

Bee's note: The author, Lloyd Marcus, (below) expresses the sentiment of many Americans.  Americans proudly refer to our nation as the "melting pot" - a pot consisting of peoples from all over the world who have come to America to fulfill their dreams, while others came as a place of refuge -  but in years past, all came oftentimes with two pennies in their pockets and hope in their hearts. 
In the early 1930's, my husband's family arrived in New York, passing Ms. Liberty, and weeping for joy when they stepped foot on American soil.  Their love for America was oftentimes greater than those who are born in our great country.  They contributed much to our country but you will never see their names written down in our history books.  Patriots they were and our flag flew high on each of their homes, always, and proudly.  Most of the uncles fought in WWII; the older men, like my husband's grandfather, a bricklayer, worked for morn to night, never expecting a "handout" from our government.  And when they prayed, they never forgot to include in their prayers, America's leaders.  They came with the clothes on their back and a few photos, but you should see the smiles on their faces in a photo taken upon their arrival in New York.  
From New York, the family eventually made their home in what was known back then as "Little Italy" in Boston, MA.  They were bricklayers, chiefs, seamstress, and hairdressers.  With time, as the family grew, they moved to the suburbs just outside Boston and each of the homes had vegetable and flower gardens.  The family considered owning a home in America one of the greatest of blessings - a dream fulfilled and contentment reigned supreme among all the family members.  Three generations later, members of the family are now doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, and yes, a few landscapers that have green thumbs and produce the most beautiful landscapes throughout New England. (And, the grandchildren's college educations were not paid for by the government, Mr. Obama.) 
Like all families, there were tragedies and heartaches: my husband's baby brother, playing in the front yard building a snowman, was killed instantly when a car slipped on the icy road and ran up the front yard, running over the baby - 3 years old.  The grief of witnessing this accident stayed with my husband the rest of his life, never forgetting the loss of his young brother.
I share all this with you, to say this:  Eighty plus years later, as Americans, we do not forget what it meant to our families to come to America legally, and honoring the laws of this great land, and its Constitution.  The U.S. citizenship is precious to our family, now as it was when my husband's family first arrived on the shores of the United States.  We strongly object to Obama's latest "stroke of a pen" Executive Order, allowing illegals to enter through the back door of America, while those who arrived legally worked their entire lives to obtain what Obama hands out on a silver platter to illegals.  
When Obama says,"You did not build that", I think of each member of the family's hard work and whether they own a business or not, there is one thing we did do - we built up American-loving, patriotic citizens of this country and we, not Obama, did build that - from New York to Boston, and now, throughout the world, we have members of our family who continue to build upon that first arrival in New York, eighty years ago.
Our flag is offensive, our patriotic songs are offensive, our Constitution that contradicts Sharia laws are offensive to illegals and "refugees", and that is because the illegals/refugees have not fought for or worked for anything our country offers all who come here legally. That which comes free is never appreciated. The attitude that the world owes them a living is disgusting, and we have Obama to thank for all this, and for what?  A few votes in November?!  America's culture is being destroyed by every single stroke of the pen by Obama.  
God bless America and its citizens - may November come quickly and may the Obama family pack up their suitcases and move back to Chicago in January.
August 19, 2012


By Lloyd Marcus
Let me tell you a story about three kids who wanted to run for the tall grass.
It was early the '90s, and I was at the U.S. Citizenship Ceremony in Maryland.  Around 1,500 people -- citizenship applicants, supportive family, and friends -- filled the hall.
I was backstage with a trio of extremely nervous and intimidated teenagers who were scheduled to sing our National Anthem. These kids had never performed for such a large audience.
I had been the grand finale of the ceremony for years, performing my original song, "Celebrate America," after applicants took their oath of allegiance.  I took great pride that my song was the first song thousands heard as official Americans.
When the emcee introduced the trio from so-and-so junior high school, the kids were visibly shaking.  They began the anthem fine, but one got nervous and stopped singing, which threw off the other two, and they stopped singing as well.  The trio stood in silence.
I walked from backstage and joined the kids front and center.  I told the audience that these kids were symbolic of what it really means to be an American and of the great family they would soon join.  I shared that the kids were very frightened because the event was much larger than they expected.  They could have backed down and refused to perform.  But despite their fear, these kids found the courage to face the difficult challenge, keep their word, and give it a try.  This is the American Way.
Together, the trio and I sang the National Anthem.  The audience gave us a standing ovation.
Performing my song at U.S. Citizenship Ceremonies rewarded me with an opportunity to chat with brand-new and proud Americans.  They understood the sacrifice and divine blessing required to make this extraordinarily unique experiment called "America" a thriving reality.  They gleefully desired to assimilate into our culture.
Some applicants were extremely old, in wheelchairs.  Their family members helped them raise their right hands as they tearfully recited their oath of allegiance.
Once the sound of the applicants reciting their oath of allegiance, in unison, came to an end, the hall always erupted in cheers and applause.  These jubilant people -- of various races, from numerous countries -- were officially Americans!  They respected our laws, followed the rules, and were awarded the precious gift of U.S. citizenship.
Now, with a stroke of his executive pen, Obama has awarded amnesty to illegals, pushing them to the head of the line, in front of applicants who are following the legal process to become U.S. citizens.  Obama is disrespecting the efforts of those seeking citizenship legally and the value of what it means to become an American.
And yes, there is a dramatically different mindset between those I witnessed at the ceremonies who earned their precious U.S. citizenship and those who got it for free because Obama seeks to purchase Hispanic votes.
Many illegals given instant free citizenship by Obama could not care less about assimilating into our society.  They refuse to learn English and have little or no respect for our flag.  America is simply the place the go for freebies while they still proudly wave their Mexican flags.
Meanwhile, American kids are banned from wearing clothing which features the U.S. flag to school on Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday.  The song "God Bless The USA (Proud to be an American)" is banned from public school, deemed potentially offensive to other cultures.
Illegals given free citizenship from Obama join the socialists/progressives in their "what's the big deal about being an American" attitude.
So illegals who are clueless as to what it truly means to be an American and have no emotional connection to our amazing country enjoy benefits not even available to legal U.S. citizens.  For example: thanks to Obama, illegals from outside any given state can get in-state tuition, while U.S. citizens cannot.
Even more painful, Obama continues to lower the bar of what it means to be an American.
Obama's speeches and actions imply that he would like to rewrite the words at the base of our Statue of Liberty to read: "Bring me your lazy, entitlement-minded, class-envious haters of achievement.  Bring me those who pervert God's original intent, the baby-killers, the deadbeats.  I offer America to you with open arms."
The value and worth of U.S. citizenship is yet another item on a growing list of sacred laws (the Constitution), freedoms, and principles Obama has sacrificed on the socialist/progressive altar of evil to purchase four more years.  He needs all this and more to complete his vowed fundamental transformation of America.  God help us.

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