Saturday, October 6, 2012


A Brand New Leather Jacket

Mult-iculturalism should exist EVERYWHERE,Its just that western nations are the only ones decent enough to allow such things while eastern nations are still racist annoying pricks.
I'm an Arab atheist who enjoys life in the west and hates his stay in the middle east,I plan on moving out to the west after a few years.Your problem isn't with other races fellow humans who happen to be white,Your problem is with stupid muslims who are trying to shove islam down your throat.  .. 

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Bee's Note:
This video could also explain what is happening within the United States. Our courts are filled with Islamic law suits, attempting to change America's liberty of free speech into Sharia law.  A good example of not winning the hearts and minds of Muslims is the recent You Tube video that the Middle East claims mocked their prophet.  According to Muslims throughout the Middle East, that video gave them the excuse to murder our diplomats, our troops in Afghanistan, and to burn the American flag and storm our Embassies. When actually, Islamic terrorism needs no excuse, the video was not the problem, the terrorists planned their horrific deeds in advance, to be played out on America's Day of Remembrance, September 11, 2012.  Ask yourself, have any American Muslim organization condemned these attacks?!  Why not?  Instead, our president apologizes to the UN and erases in one stroke, the right of every American to free speech.

This video, posted above, is an example of what is beginning to take shape in the United States.  America proudly welcomes people from all walks of life and from every country in the world.  We are making a huge mistake by allowing Muslims from nations that promote Jihad and terrorism to gain "refugee" status, pouring into our country by the thousands, and draining our resources in the process, without first taking a good long look at our immigration laws.  Mexico's borders are not the only problem facing the United States! 

The entire Immigration Nationalization Services, which I understand were put under Homeland Security after 9/11, has not - I repeat, "not" - made America safer.