Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"If I wanted America to fail" - by Bee Sting

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
Tuesday, October 2, 2912

Tomorrow evening, October 3rd, at 9 PM EST, the first Presidential Debate will be aired on all major television stations from coast to coast.  Both parties are playing down the debates - nothing to see here, move on (or perhaps I should say, "more forward" (and forget these last 4 years.

If you pay attention to the polls, the main stream media has you convinced that Romney is "trailing" and Obama is the leader of the pack.  That is your hint to stay home, don't vote, Obama wins! If I wanted America to fail, I would stay home November 6th; after all, that would ensure a win for Obama.

If I wanted America to fail, I would ignore 1001 Reasons to vote against Barack Obama.

I would continue to allow Obama to commit illegal (and daily) acts that would get other presidents impeached; such as, the White House Illegally Pressures Contractors Not to Tell Employees of Layoffs until after Election.  Why, I would even create a new version of Monopoly, entitled "Burn an American Embassy, Collect $450 Million!

I would ignore Obama's attack on those "who slander the prophet of Islam".  And apologize to the world leaders at the United Nations for a 15 minute trailer movie - a movie no one watched or knew existed - that  gave an excuse for the Muslim countries in the Middle East and beyond to burn the American flag, set up the black flag of Jihad on American embassies, and murder American diplomats.  

I would take it for granted that our President would take off from Washington to visit Vegas, while an American Ambassador was crying for help, while being tortured in Libya.  I would then send out my "sheep" to cover up this horrific crime to explain that again, nothing to see here, just a few Muslims having fun and doing what they do best - hating Americans and committing acts of terrorism.  I would make sure that the media did not ask tough questions, such as, "Is BenghaziGate worse than Watergate?"

I would refuse to seek out information about this administration, not read or listen to anyone or anything that contradicted the liberal media (the voice of Obama), such as, Caroline Glick's recent article: "Obama's Dangerous Consistency.

Associated PressI would block my ears, shut my eyes, and ignore the growing anti-Semitism by both the media, individuals, that all have its approval of this administration, such as, the shocking photos of Netanyahu at the U.N.  The Press belittled Netanyahu's warnings of drawing a red line to prevent Iran from obtaining its goal, while mocking the only ally in the Middle East by presenting (out of hundreds of photos) Israel's Prime Minister as a Nazi.  Has America lost its soul?  Have we gone so far backwards that we hate the good and embrace evil?  Are we living in the years of the 1930's, and will we make excuses later as to why we did not support Israel?  An American President that can state that the future does not belong to those who slander Mohammad set the bar and the media, groups and individuals follow his lead down a path of destruction - destruction for both Israel, America and this world's civilization.  

One of my favorite writer's today is Daniel Greenfield/Sultan Knish blog.  This is no secret, as I post many of Mr. Greenfield's articles and commentaries weekly.  Have you read his latest? - - "What Orwell Can Tell Us about the Liberal Appeasement of Islam".  Have you found a link to Front Page Magazine?

Another brilliant writer (yes, brilliant!) is Barry Rubin.  Have you ever followed his daily blog, or read his articles on PJ Media?  Here is one published yesterday: "On International Affairs Romney Has Not Yet Even Begun to Fight".

If you are searching for news about Israel and the Middle East, you should click on Israel Matzav, written by Carl in Jerusalem.

I do apologize for not including everyone, but you can scroll down the sidebar of this blog to find numerous Conservative blogs - blogs that avoid the lies and propaganda of the Main Stream Media.  Someone said "if Obama stopped lying, he would be mute"... how true!  

The clock is ticking like a time bomb for America!  Shortly, we will have one opportunity to speak up for everything America holds close to their hearts, knowing our liberties, freedom of speech, do not come "free".  If you doubt this, ask a Veteran.  We talk much about Americans ability to pursue "happiness" in the "Land of the Free", but do we understand that for all the protesting in the streets and in front of the Capital building for "freedom's sake"; the Obama administration has reached into the very bowels of America, by-passing Congress, setting up "food police" in the schools of our children, deciding what you can and cannot have in relation to your healthcare; all for the sake of control and power!  It has nothing to do with protecting you, a citizen of the United States.  Much of what has passed as "new" policies these past 4 years are the beginning of the descent of America's values and the destruction of our Constitution.

If you wish our government to do your thinking for you; to make all your decisions for you; go ahead, vote for Obama.  If you want America to fail, vote for Obama or, stay home and don't take 5 minutes out of your valuable time to vote!  If you want the chains of slavery (as Biben mentioned last month) vote for Obama.  

However, in the age of technology, no American can excuse America's failure, if they refuse to seek the truth.  No excuse for ignoring these past 4 years and Obama's goal to have more "flexibility" - a flexibility that allows him to continue lying, while damaging America beyond anything anyone can imagine!  A "flexibility" he has promised to Russia, to the Palestinians, and who knows what other organizations (Muslim Brotherhood comes to mind), while forcing our allies and America to accept an agenda that is un-American.

That's it!  I'm sure many of you can come up with better reasons for protecting America and preserving it for future generations.

May God bless America.

Bee Sting