Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - October 29, 2012: Photos and Videos

Bee's Note:
All Americans can tell you exactly where they were on September 11, 2011.  I believe that all survivors of Hurricane Sandy - the "great" storm - referred to as the "Frankenstein" storm, will be able to share their stories, both in pictures and words, of the night the lights when out, on October 29th.  
I live inland, in New England.  Our power went out at 7 PM, during the worst part of the storm.  Wind gusts were over 90 m.p.h.; a huge pine tree across the street was uprooted and blew into our driveway; we suffered minor damage, but nothing compared to the blizzard in VA., the flooding in NYC, and beyond, or the loss of our homes aall along the East Coast.
While this is a political blog, dedicated to the news that is not reported in the biased Main Stream Media, I would like to take a moment to share with the world, a few photos of the aftermath of the storm, by Mo Gelber.  Mo has over 200 photos of the Brooklyn, New York area (see below) - amazing photos!  Numerous stories are also found on You Tube videos (see below) of Sandy hitting the cities and towns across the Eastern part of America.
The storm moved inland and to the West and covered over 1,000 miles - one third of the United States.  Reports to clean up and rebuild are in the hundreds of Millions of dollars; but, the damage could well be reaching the Trillion Dollar mark.  However, no amount of money covers the personal losses of the millions of Americans who have lost their entire life's savings into their homes, their wedding photos, and all that they held close to their hearts.  And worse, the death count to-date is approximately 50 deaths due to the storm.
As the video posted above demonstrates, America is facinga storm by nature and a political storm, with our national Elections just a few days away - on November 6th.
Stay safe, America and vote wisely.  You lives and the liberties we have enjoyed depend upon your choices during the next week and the years to come.

Brooklyn New York - The aftermath - by Mo Gelber
Hurricane Sandy hits Brooklyn, New York .. photo by Mo Gelber
Neighbor helping Neighbor!

"Working together" ... Note the American flags .. I love this photo!
"Live" wires!
100 year old trees uprooted!

The Boardwalk along Atlantic City, New Jersey

Huge Fire Raging through New York - Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath;NYC Tunnels and Subways flooded