Friday, November 2, 2012

Homeland Security/TSA: Jewish Grandmother not a Member of al-Qaeda


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) needs a course on "discretion".  We have all read reports of the horror stories at the airports - stories that could be entered in a "Believe it or Not' journal.  Some, so outrageous, that the TSA denies the process that took place by a passenger who dared complain of the treatment they received at an airport.  Read here and watch the video here.

It is not possible that all of the public needs to be humiliated because of Islamic terrorists .Tons of money has been poured into Homeland Security's Department of the TSA to pay employees, instruments for testing, security - millions of dollars.  Why? Because of a potential threat from Islamic terrorism.  Does everyone need to suffer for the threat of Muslims throughout the world?   Islam is bad for everyone. This is what Islam contributed to the world's society - terrorism.

Iin the U.S, has anyone cried Allah Akbar - the cry of Islam before murdering a non-Muslim, or their latest victim, at a local airport?  I do not hear Muslims doing something like that in the U.S.. Who says that?  Jews?  Buddhists?  Christians?  Who exactly are we protecting ourselves from, when boarding or un-boarding a plane?  The only ones crying Allah Akbar were the 19 Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2011.  Oh, the Ft. Hood shooter cried "Allah Akbar", but our president Obama claims that was a "workplace" incident - not the act of a Muslim terrorist!  This makes one think that while ignoring the signs of real terrorists, our TSA members perhaps out of boredom, have decided to humiliate elderly women at airports and then, deny their disrespectful, humiliating actions.  

Story of Israeli Jewish Grandmother arriving at a U.S. airport yesterday:

Americans, you can feel safer today!  Our TSA discovered that a 70 + year old Israeli  Jewish grandmother is not a member of the Taliban, or al-Qaeda.  I received the following story yesterday, from an Israeli friend. I would like to entitle this "Welcome to the U.S., dear Israel".  My friend was concerned about the treatment of his mother at one of our finest airports:  (translation from Hebrew):
To my friends - U.S. peace.I have a brother and a sister in the U.S. (my brother returned to Israel - Meanwhile) .. This is my story:My mother wanted to visit them in the United States - an alliance of Israel. My mom has more than 70 years.
My mother flew from Israel to the U.S. directly (without the stop in the middle), and reached airport in the United States. In the U.S.airport, the security told her to come to a room, where they forced my mother to remove all her clothes and probe, as part of their  security check.
Now, friends, if you try to talk to my mother, you discover quickly, she speaks only Hebrew.  My point ... They took her to the examination room, and told her to drop the clothes. To security checks. My mother, that believe in every word that someone will say it in the United States, from love to the United States, immediately responded in agreement for removing doubt from anyone American. My mother did not know how a bomb looks like, and does not know how it works.
After the security checks, surprise, they discover my mother is not bin Laden or some other Islam terrorist!  So thank you .. I just want to say, my mom Israeli Jew from seed - Jacob ben Isaac ben Abraham of the tribe of Judah in Israel. I do not know whether to be angry or not .. But Israel loyal to the U.S. and do not get to kill anyone American, I am convinced that my mother is not, and we are loyal to the United States. Check out the Arabs, not us, please. My mother is like a saint, she do not know how it looked - keyboard, just pray all the time for the world and Israel.
My mother, after she finished a test that she is not Bin Laden, or someone else, I do not know, the Security then say to my mother,  "We are sorry."
My mother tells them "It's okay, it your job, I bless you," I know my mother, a very fine woman, but I felt hurt, that I heard it from her.
My story,, that I share with my American friends. And I'm also loyal and love the USA.  But, If you publish the story of my mother, I thank you.
From all my heart - Ron.
If any of the Media wish to interview the Israeli grandmother, please contact me.

Israel has the best airport security in the world.  Why?  Because they are constantly attacked by Islamic terrorists - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.  They know what to look for and should train our own TSA security members, to avoid future humiliating incidents like the one that happened yesterday.

Since 9/11, has there been any Islamic terrorists disguising themselves as 70+ year old grandmothers?  The TSA says they do not profile, but I beg to differ, since they seem to be profiling grandmothers and our Israeli allies.  Have we lost our minds in the process of preventing terrorist attacks?  Is there no common sense left in and among our federal agents?  Strip searches ...??!  We have billions into modern technology, like the airport scanners - and we have resorted to strip searching elderly women?!  My friend's mother had gone through Israel's security in order to fly to the USA.  What's the message we're sending our ally Israel?

As my friend said, how about searching for real terrorists - Arab/Muslim terrorists - who have all been in their mid-20's, 30's, 40's .... that is, if you gain some wisdom and understand the proper way to profile potential terrorists.

Does anyone in Congress wish to investigate the rules of the TSA and their outrageous practices at the airports?  Anyone wish to put aside the 1930's mind-set of strip-searching elderly Jewish women at the local airports?!  Mark my friend's story down as another "Believe it or Not" story.  

In closing, let me remind everyone who the Muslims (this video, of Palestinian celebration after 9/11) hate and where the Islamic terrorist from the Middle East come from, who cry "Allah Akbar":

"Palestinians" Celebrating 9/11 (CNN - Fox) September 11

Why this video?  Because Americans lost their innocence on
9/11 ... we lost the freedom to be free 
Now, we are subject to airport strip searches,
for the sake of "safety"?
We just celebrated our 11th Anniversary of 9/11 Day of Remembrance.
that same day, our diplomats were murdered in Libya.

America - be watchful, but gain the wisdom to know what, who, and where to watch!

Bee Sting

PS - To put an end to foolishness in Washington, DC - please vote on November 6th - just 4 more days!  Thank you!

UPDATE - November 3, 2012:
Email response:

Hi Bee,
That is unbelievable and outrageous. I feel bad for Rony’s mother. That shouldn’t happen to any one, let alone someone of her age. I don’t know why more people aren’t outraged by incidents like this committed by the TSA. What Rony probably doesn’t know is Obama has actually put Muslims in authoritative positions in the TSA in charge of screening for terrorists at our airports! Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! It is totally unbelievable that we have such a Muslim sympathizer in the White House that the rest of the population has to be treated like potential terrorists when everyone knows who the problem group of people is. If Obama gets re-elected, America will deserve everything it gets. But Rony’s mother and others who are abused at our airports don’t deserve such treatment.

Dear Tony,
Thank you for the "link" and for taking time to comment.  I agree with you: "this shouldn't happen to anyone!"