Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day - Nov. 6th - The People Speak ...

Obama's own words ... Remember tomorrow, before voting.  


Let's not forget the leaks, lies and deception of this administration
(see below)

Obama dismissed Israel's calls for red lines on Iran as "noise"...and laughed at the possibility he would meet with Iran's PM to discuss their nuclear capabilities. 

US President Barack Obama has agreed to hold direct talks on Iran’s nuclear program with its leaders, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Is this a surprise? On April 16, 2012, debkafile disclosed that Washington and Tehran were conducting back-channel talks in Paris and Vienna, Sources close to Obama have now leaked word to the New York Times that the dialogue is to be elevated to direct talks at summit level. This disclosure, despite its subsequent denial by the White House, has three clear objects:

1. To slow down the Republican contender Mitt Romney’s momentum in opinion polls ahead of the Nov. 6 election. Obama’s campaign advisers believe the president’s willingness to engage Iranian leaders directly on their nuclear program, in contrast to Romney’s tougher stance, will appeal to the American voter’s reluctance for US military action.
2. To preempt Romney’s presumed plan to drop the disclosure of the back-channel dialogue as a bombshell in their last debate on foreign policy scheduled for Monday, Oct. 22 in Florida.

3. To reassure Tehran that the Austere Challenge 12 joint US-Israeli war game starting Sunday Oct. 21 – albeit in reduced form - will not be the opening shot for an “October surprise” on Iran.

And now, Iran is not cooperating with the IAEA in their investigation of said nuclear facilities??

Anyone else smell a rat??

Something else Sen. Paul referred to is coming to focus in more articles that are coming out. It seems to be the story behind the story. Could this be what the cover up is really all about and why they gave the stand down orders and denied giving support? Here is what He has to say about this (this is about at 3 min. and 23 seconds on the video). (mac: a friend of Kimber)

Paul: "I have heard news
 reports that there were special forces in the country that could have been mobilized. Here is the question I have, there are some new reports saying there was some gun running going on from Libya to Syria at our behest to Syrian Rebels and they were worried about this becoming public. But when they called for help it was no longer secret that the CIA was already their in Benghazi and you have to help people at that moment and you can't be saying, "well, we don't want them to know about our operations in Libya."