Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal Sells Out Israel

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In October there were some early reports that the Obama Administration had reached a nuclear deal with Iran. It was a given that such a deal would involve Iran buying time to leverage its nuclear capabilities while making a show of backing away from its weapons program under an easily falsifiable inspection regime.
But it now looks as if Reza Kahlili’s original report was correct. A top Iranian official claims that the Islamic regime is suspending Uranium enrichment as a “goodwill gesture”.
Obviously Iran doesn’t do freebies. A goodwill gesture means that an agreement has been reached, officially or unofficially, and the home of international Shiite terror, is giving Obama the treat at the time when he needs it most, before we find out what the real bill is. And the real bill is the US recognition of Iran’s “nuclear rights”, an end to all sanctions and foreign aid.
Included in the diplomatic incentives package offered by Washington would be, in the first stage, the opening of interest sections in Washington and Tehran, with the possibility subsequently of expanding to full diplomatic ties, including US and Iranian embassies and ambassadors in each other’s capitals, Maariv claimed.
As part of restored diplomatic relations with Iran, Maariv reported, Washington was ready to hold senior level diplomatic contacts, to agree to reciprocal visits, to approve security cooperation between the countries, direct flights between the US and Iran, and the granting of visas to Iranians wishing to visit the US.
There are reports that Valerie Jarrett, the woman behind Obama, is conducting personal negotiations with the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader.
Iran’s Fars News Agency is denying reports of a suspension, but that’s also typical of Iranian double dealing, as its Western enablers will only pay attention to positive reports.
If a nuclear deal has been reached, then we can expect a splashy post-election announcement. A pre-election announcement might sound good, but then even the Kochs’ and Dershowitzes’ would know they got screwed and that Iran is getting the North Korea treatment. Instead this way Obama can play the enrichment suspension, which probably never happened, as a triumph of the sanctions regime, when it’s actually another appeasement mirage.

Netanyahu had held off on an Iranian strike, counting on a Romney victory. If a Romney victory materializes, then Bibi will wait out the damage of the last months of Barack and prepare for a strike once Romney takes office. Even if Romney wins, or especially then, Obama will likely saddle him with the nuclear deal, and the media will put on a full court press defending it.
Meanwhile Iran will continue its race to the bomb.
If Obama wins, then all bets are off, and an Israeli strike will likely happen after the Israeli election.
Either way, Obama has predictably sold Israel down the river. Iran will get foreign aid. Israel will get a last ditch effort at survival.
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

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