Thursday, January 10, 2013

So, It's Snowing in Israel (Photos)

Bee's Note:  Israel has been pounded with heavy rains this past week, causing flooding throughout the country.  Then, the snow - beautiful snow! (For more information about the storms, go to Israel Matzav and read Carl's report.) My friends on FB are posting photos of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas and I have the pleasure of sharing a few with you this morning.  ... Enjoy!

Jerusalem of snow
more snow ...
let it snow ..

As the temperature in the northern region drops and snow covers the ground, the soldiers of the Golani Brigade keep their heads up as they continue protecting Israel's borders.
Tayelet in white
"Dolly" in the garden
Northern Command soldiers had begun to get used to the snow.

Warrior Battalion 12 of the Golani Brigade saves you even in the snow.
Good morning from Jerusalem!
Stunning Jerusalem
Snow angel ..
The garden ..

Stunning landscape looking north toward Jerusalem. Photo by Laura Ben-David
Someone is planning on going skiing..
Jerusalem is blanketed with snow as stormy weather sweeps Israel. Roads to the capital have been closed off and school in various cities across the country has been canceled. 
"Joy to behold!"

Hebrew Lesson:
Snow = Sheleg - pronounced - sheh leg (both 'e's are the short 'e' sound)

(My favorite photo!)
Be happy!