Sunday, January 6, 2013

Where do you see yourself in four years?

"Of course I;m optimistic
about the next four years!
Aren't you??!

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things" - quote: Albert Einstein.

Unfortunately, the November 6th elections proved that too many people tie their happiness to a man who has failed the United States since he first took office.  That did not prevent him from being re-elected November 6, 2012.  

The news media rejoiced; the people rejoiced; the candidate was flying high, and once again, the battle for America will continue to be on-going for another four more years.

This blogger and many other conservatives felt as though they needed to recover from a hangover the day after elections.  We just had the wind knocked out of us!  We attempted to demonstrate the truth and reasons why we understood that America was headed in the wrong direction, under this present leadership that starts at the White House and works its way down through the State Department, Homeland Security, Dept. of Defense, and throughout the federal organizations.

What happened?  How could this happen?  

I must confess that staring at this computer became more of a nasty chore after the November elections.  I'd rather get on my hands and knees and wash floors, or clean out closets, than continue posting, since it appeared that two few could read the handwriting on the wall by voting for BHO a second term.  I felt there is no way I can change the direction of the wind and the winds of change as Obama is allowed to march "forward" is a disaster just waiting to hit the shores of America. This storm will be far worse than Hurricane Sandy - it will hit every single family in the United States.  Sides are already being chosen and each of us must decide where we'll stand: on the side of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or the side that intends to over-ride the U.S. Constitution, as it rushes towards an agenda foreign to our nation.  

And so, for the past two months I took a necessary Leave of Absence from blogging...posting the bare minimum to keep this blog breathing, but barely alive.  It was time well spent with family and personal responsibilities that could not have been completed if I had sat at this computer.  It was time spent reading and praying, and taking longer walks in the neighborhood.  Time is valuable, each day a gift from our heavenly Father, and our time should not be wasted.  Nor, should we alot one minute of our time worrying about matters that are under the control of our Creator and King of the universe and not in the hands of a weak man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

So, in the coming days and back at this computer, we begin anew!  Perhaps, we'll find out more about Benghazi and why our men died in the hands of Libyan terrorists.  Will Hillary testify to shed some light into this horrific tragedy?  Shortly, there will be more news about gun control and whether or not Americans will have to fight for their Second Amendment's freedom under the Constitution of the United States. Will our Congress stop the aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, the enemy of Israel and the United States. Who will Obama blame next for his failures? The founding fathers?!

We need to begin immediately to set goals for ourselves.  Personal goals, and goals that will strengthen our nation.  Pin the names and Washington phone numbers of your Representatives to your refrigerator and call your representatives to share you concerns.  If not comfortable calling, send emails.  Silence is not golden when we understand the urgency of protecting our rights and policies that relate to the very safety of our borders. 

Where will each of us be in four years?  We don't need a crystal ball, not knowing what a day will bring, but we can work towards a better future for our children and grandchildren by protecting our nation's solid rock foundation under the Founding Father's sacrifices.  We are still "One nation, under God".  

I wish everyone a blessed and prosperous New Year.  

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January 6, 2013 - Sunday