Monday, April 22, 2013

Israel and "The bravest little flag" ...

The Bravest Flag

Gather ‘round as I tell the short story of a little flag.
You may be tempted to think that's it’s an ordinary flag 
akin to so many others around the world.
But don’t be fooled.
It is the bravest flag in the world.

This little flag flies in the face of super-powers driving men crazy.
Carter. Bush. Clinton. W. And now O.
The flag doesn’t look prickly, but it's a thorn in their sides.

But why you may ask?
Why does a little flag, thousands of miles away, flying atop a hill bother such men?
Because, you see, it’s not just any hill.
The hill is in the Heartland of Israel.
The winds that blow threw Judea and Samaria cause the bravest flag to proudly fly.

The men listed above like to call the place where this little flag flies “The West Bank.”
Silly men.
They traded knowledge for fiction, becoming peddlers of stories revised by oil cartels and thugs.
"Settlers," "Occupied Territories," and “The Biggest Roadblock to Peace;”
Standing at podiums the new narrative easily left their tongues and entered the minds of gullible men.
And the people, who live where the little flag blows,
became scapegoats for the ills of a duped society.

The pushers of propaganda were partially right, though.
The bravest flag's owners are indeed a roadblock.
For they block the desires of those who wish to divide the Land.
They block Arabs who wish to wipe Israel off the map.
They block the addition of presidential library legacy-wings so coveted by those who have tried to broker "peace."
Aren't the flag's owners strong to block so much?

The strong, brave roadblocks are also building blocks,
building a new world is all.
Bringing forth into reality what ancient Prophets could only see in their minds’ eye when penning promises of peace.
Bravely holding both plowshare and weapon, as they move closer to Isaiah’s dream.

The strong hands do more than block and build.
They clench tightly to the promises of eating the fruit of their vines, while watching arsonists’ flames eat them instead.
Their strong hands cover children’s ears blocking the sound of death wishes chanted by madmen outside their windows.
Worse, strong hands are sometimes rendered useless by the click of a cuff, and then led away in the dead of the night to suffice political beasts.
But the strong hands also turn the pages of Torah and are reminded of how it will end.

These are but a few of the sacrifices strong hands made in order to place the bravest flag in the world on a hill.
And lest you forget the hearts behind the hands
and of how they remain true and brave,
think of them whenever you see David's star flying
and whisper a prayer that all the dreams of Prophets that they carry will be realized soon and in our day.


Bee's note:  written and posted by a friend to my FB.  My friend also noted the following:

"I'm a proud supporter of the pioneers in Israel, the people the world likes to refer to as "settlers." Far from being the roadblocks to peace, they are the roadblocks to propaganda, myths, and efforts to destroy Israel. They are the building blocks to a peaceful future as they fulfill the ancient visions of Prophets who wrote of a day when the Jews would return to their borders. L' Chaim to the citizens of Eish Kodesh and throughout Judea and Samaria! G-dspeed your efforts to literally make the land bloom."
I can only add "Amen"!