Monday, April 22, 2013

NINETEEN or TWO - What's the difference?

Americans Stand with Israel
Monday, April 22, 2013
by Bee Sting

Today I listened to debates about the two Islamic terrorists among the journalists, pundits  and "official" politicians, on whether or not the Boston terrorists can be considered "terrorists", or simply "murders". The White House Press Conference, straight out of Carney's mouth, stated the surviving terrorist cannot be tried as an "Enemy Combatant" - he must be tried in a Civil Court.

America - that politically correct nonsense is from the pits of Hell.  Political Correctness is deceptive and dangerous to our health and safety from terrorism.  There is no means to protect our security when men and women in Washington refuse to admit the War on Terror is NOT over - far from it - as Islamic terrorism spreads through the entire globe and cries of Allah Akbar, whether spoken out loud or silently, and is the battle cry of Islamic terrorists.

When the "leader" of the "Free" world, the "President of the US" refuses to recognize there is no difference between 19 Islamic terrorists on 9/11 and 2 Islamic terrorists on April 15th in Boston; that both attacks were hatched under the roof of Islam's ideology and hatred towards non-Muslims nations, it makes no difference if they came from Saudi Arabia or Russia - ALL are TERRORISTS, and all are tied to Islam's ideology.

None are "civil", unless you consider murdering innocent people "civil".  ALL are enemy combatants, and their uniform is that of the teachings of Islam.  It's open season for terrorists, as we learned today that one of their plots to blow up a passenger train from NY to Canada was foiled, thanks to Canada's alertness.

Unless America determines to identify the enemy, call it what it is - terrorism, today as it was yesterday, we are doomed as a nation and the terrorists are winning the battle of our minds and our land.

I won't play the blame game this evening - plenty to go around, but it begins and ends at the door of the White House - may Heaven help us all.

What's the difference?! None! We're either going to protect the security of America, or embrace the politically correct narrative of snakes and betrayers in Washington, DC who wine and dine members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi representatives making deals to deport Saudi students tied to terrorism.

What's the Difference? 

Time to close our borders
review the idiotic process of handing out
student "visa"
from countries that support Islamic terrorism.

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