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Yom Ha'Zikaron:. We Remember our Heroes: Simon Eshed, may his memory be blessed.


Aosdi Simon

Date falling:TheInElulIndependence(09/09/1948)


Cemetery:Thing - Isaac (Military)

His nephew, Baron Eshed, writes the following:

Baron Eshed I wrote the story of my uncle in a separate .. " Shimon Eshed
My Uncle Shimon Eshed   At Fourteen, he left home went to a kibbutz. .. This is what the family thought ..Fourteen he joined the "youth worker" in military training and came along with these young people to Galilee, where he sat there for two years, and suffered there - the Israeli pioneer spirit,That left its mark on him, until his death.16 years old, joined the Palmach fighters. Apparently falsified his age.
After a very short time, he was appointed to a combat platoon leader
A short time later, an officer of the rank of lieutenant.
Participated in the Battle of Safed, and on Mount Canaan, and a breakthrough for Jerusalem,
Fighting for Latrun, participated in "Operation Dani".
Finally .. Was sent to fight for the Negev ..
In battle, on the Negev, ,the bullet hit him from Egypt, and the bullet was in his chest and about twenty-four hours. That's what his friends said. And could not get to a doctor. Year was 09.09.1948.
He died at the age of 16 and a half. My father's brother that died and we have not seen him.
But my father was crying about all the time .. He was a single brother
And another sister named Esther..
The candle here, I turned now to remember.
May his memory be blessed.

Yoram Gaon - Ballad medic

The song:
It's a true story ..
The nurse lying on, wounded soldier for.
The wounded tell him, go,,,
The medic refuses.
The medic killed ..
But the wounded alive today.
The wounded told him "I'll be yours, until you die."
The medic said, "Today my death"
The names of the children of wounded is the name of the nurse and the story - in reality.
The writings of young Simon Eshed:

From little things that the soldiers wrote the fighters, for Israel. Including here, what he wrote my uncle Shimon. - Baron Eshed
So wrote the wonderful generation of Independence Compiling the book Gvili fire Yalkut compiled and edited Reuben Avinoam (Grossman) Published by the government of Israel / Ministry of Defence person taken into Parenthesis () the page number in its third printing - the Tst"z. Gathered satchel sizes' Oh Rahman and Dr. Eliezer Rahman This generation [...] their estates a wonderful generation who gave his life in happiness and holiness for all people could walk sovereignty and proudly [...] here - are scrolls - the fire - remains - the soul of a generation - wonderland ... "/ Reuben Avinoam (Grossman). those who dreamed that in the sixties the State of Israel is the Jewish population in Israel - Israel ten times and get six millions, but will be accompanied by moral decline ten times? because it seems that way in the media, win her permissive, post grades without - vision. has not lost hope Toby's sons, fourteenth, and thank God they have still outstanding, which ignore the media broadcasters. May that the extract below Thzirno live properly for us, and good and holy light was wonderful generation of Independence, and the seminar will be the duty of the fire scrolls learning in schools . (P. 52) Avi Altman: [...] planted a tree - I have not seen the fruit / drove before dialect, / child my birthday - I did not see growth, / I went before "he replied ...". (P. 100) Zvi mounting: Song tomb [...] Here lies the land that young man who loved, fought and dreamed, ball - one malice silenced forever, no one is, many many others like him. [...] You enlist and crying like a child! Well ... [...] You, brother Ephraim! [...] But I do not cry anymore. I am proud of you, my son! , [...] It was Daddy, here also came to the grave - son, and embrace the mother's arm [...] was quiet, silent three of them without a sound; [...] ". (P. 130) Benjamin Elhanan (Rabinowitz): "[...]" From the Abyss read the - the. From the Abyss, when a person loses control of his destiny [...] good for him to know that there is someone more powerful, could fundamentally change any terms, he was standing beside him, if I believe - it was easier for me now ... ". (P. 167) Yehuda Freeman: "What gave us the exile; [..] Without the edicts of Antiochus, for example, did not get the Hasmonean, and if it did not rise Dreyfus Herzl [...] if we are in our country, even in the minority and yet many outweigh our neighbors, then we have to admit that only a highly developed culture that we brought from the Diaspora ... ". (P. 173) David sewage treatment plant: the secret of immortality - Israel [...] One solution to the secret existence of Israel and the riddle of hatred - of Israel. " (P. 85) Hello Karniel: "Prayer / A - the God!: You are the only one not leave me forever!; [...] That you are the source of good / I love a - me!; [...] Now I call to you, a - I / warm them one Mkrnich for I distinguish between true and false, / between purity and impurity, / between bad and good, / and Take it off, A - to, Amitc teach others ... ". (P. 214) Daniel tax: "Zionism as the only existence - the nation [...] neglect prevails in educating Jewish youth in America, these young people are not interested in general questions such as the existence of the nation of Israel, not to mention that they do not want to even think about 'Zionism and to have come to them to get out of this peace and give them something that will excite them, something for which they should be sacrifice ... " (B Sivan Ats). (P. 283) Hello Karniel: "[...] We are praying that this alliance is now alienating the community and the country in blood defenders will be an everlasting covenant," "not Intso more of their land which I have given them - said Wednesday a - Lohic". [...]; Know the lamenting and always strive for moral perfection and holiness - life. This is the way of our ancestors and this is our way As the pioneers of Torah and work ... ". (Pp. 290-4) Yehoshua Globerman, "our defense / our defense in the country - protection of life, property and communities - is a vision that accompanies our work from beginning to this day [...] string - avenue our education is the duty - the person to realize his ideas and all - the nation [...] need to develop the right boy to do his job in his life the - by the nation, and to see the second step needs versus private national role, [...] to play the difficult mission of renewing a nation and country. " (Pp. 302-7) Joseph Bonavntora: "[...] is not enough to love ideals, the main thing is to realize them; [...] there are ideals rather than satisfying the needs of the individual, [...] the child learn to slowly fill the place of the vile passions by spiritual aspirations, noble and sublime; [...] that seek and love of justice and chased him down, [...] it is written: Justice, justice shall you pursue, for live and inherit the land which D a - Lord your God gives you :! (P. 315) Simon Aosdi: "We will reduce desires, ourselves, to give our guests a place to sit us next ..." to make room for our guests to sit us next ... ". Maple Tashah ... our guests = Nazi Holocaust survivors. (P. 316) Jacob Jost: "Homeland Builders are not afraid of death ..." (May Tashaz -16.4.47 etc.). (P. 318) Ruth Rabinow: "[...] Fortunate are privileged to live - if only for a few days - in a pioneering way of life of the conquerors of the Negev, anticipate the joy - the creative, the lender over any member of Amal, and with the soul part. Know to keep the light these days, and we will have about the flag on our way. " (Tribe, Ts"o) "We will illuminate the character of Hannah Senesh as a teacher of a generation [...]". (P. 356) Leah Rotten: "A - to me, son you at least to my taste! I want, I'm willing to sacrifice a lot for everything, for suffering. I want to help humanity. Give me - Do not spare me." (P. 360) Eldad Penn: "[...] I am coming slowly - slowly recognizing that life is little value in themselves, if they do not come to serve something higher than them, [...]." (P. 366) Ephraim mounting: "15/06/45 [....] I wonder if I can now settle in and get all the bills, or have to skip the private life and to do everything possible for the public? [. ...]. " (P. 411) Zvi Levenberg, "whatever - if the country - Israel will be in danger - I want to protect my life". (P. 456) Abraham Cement "only as the work life going to die." (Unlike thousands of distinctions spacewalk killers - Arab suicide bombers increasingly called for death for themselves and innocent people indiscriminately. / Rahman). (P. 465/6) Hillel Lavi: "Tishrei Tashah. Greetings to you, Dad! [...] I also went to Yom Kippur - the synagogue Kol Nidrei service. " [...] And I have a feeling, especially during the "Kol Nidrei" I have a void in my heart which is ready to be filled. [...] Longing and love, your son. " (P. 488) Rafael pine (Ornstein). Independence Tu [...] Happy New people also know that in some sense the poetry planting seedling [...] Indeed, poetry is not a war, but as long as we can sing so we do not raise the despair and fear and defeatism in the head ". (P. 505) Itamar Golan: "[...] it rude that makes the soldier soldier [....] gives him the ability - and should not underestimate it - even kill [...] The third difficulty! First is - to die the second is - see a friend fall, and the third - to kill ". (Golda Meir, then prime minister, said she could not forgive the Arabs for killing our soldiers forced them, by the next kill you, kill him first. - Rahman) (P. 508) Jacob Giladi (Antipova): "04/14/48 [...] Yesterday we got the first convoy broke the road to Jerusalem. [....] And Cshufano Kiblono kisses and tears, love us, feeling so hot, no such joy I felt before. was a feeling of Homeland [...] ". (P. 512/5) Ephraim increasing "non-name in Italy, 06/02/45. Hello there folks! [...] I am now fighting Hebrew division, which should be the pride - the community that it came - the only strength in war against Hitler [...] Remember: Never hesitate to sacrifice if the general interest requires it [...] 09/09/45 [...] The next morning I went back to the house - the synagogue for morning prayers, as you, Father, driving each year year. seems to be something of a traditionalist by nature. decided if I will be nice about this tradition [...]. " (P. 533) Noam Grossman; [...] post-Yom Kippur Tashah. Darling! I am writing to you now from the spirits and of great satisfaction after beating "the sin" and a plea for forgiveness and atonement and a good sign [...] This my first time I was home on Yom Kippur and although I felt it dramatically. missing was the same atmosphere of holiness and awe as I was used [...] we Rangers - seven in all - we fasted all day and went allegiance even after informing us that this day will be deducted from freedom Our, I am proud of it! [...] settling foreign land?, and that I am the person I? homeland I have one that is land - Israel. better to die for it, and even more - to live in [...] I am writing to you today in May 8, 1945, the anniversary of the victory over our enemies, the day Monroe forces - evil, [...] I just wish I could be with these brave fighters Brigade and fight with them face to face with the enemy. I know, I regret that all the days! (P. 541) Noam Grossman: [...] which is still under heavy impression of the disaster that occurred yesterday in the Hebron hills, the every one knew [Halamed], [...] and again we take comfort that died for something - for something expensive [...]. " (P. 543) will [...] 5. Do Tsfidoni, I did my job! Noam. (P. 547) Rafael Maltz: Eye - Harod, 16/02/45 [...] that's not why we kill murderers, but for life, for life with a big one and put this account from [....] ". P 549) Eye - Harod, 03/05/45, [...] and we see that after many changes and studying all the forces - Mental great people come to faith [...] and great actually - believe them. " (P. 558) Moshe Harari: "[...] April 1948, Ahlan nice! [...] Last night there was a memorial to Dan, Isaiah and Zerubbabel, the contents of the memorial was not falling, death, but also taste the fall and how to fall. and recalls that you go out - not like ordinary recall - head bowed, but feeling renewed and a new decision - to continue [...] ". (P. 559) Abraham Dubno: [...] "I am a very simple person and want to build [...] something here in my country, simply want to give all that I can give, to have a good time for those who come after [...] ". (P. 592) Joseph Caspi: "[...] if the government treacherous - English will liquidate the last hope of the Jewish people.'m Not sure that we will succeed, but it is clear to me, the last hope of the Jewish people.'m Not sure that we will succeed, but clearly me, if not will resist, - Ichniaono, [...] may compliance will shake the world. if not - then my part, worthy of death with dignity from the life of disgrace [...] ". (Pp. 605-7) Chaim Ben - Dor: [...] human religious sensibility is weak and desperate, a coward is, and perhaps not even know it. This process of sub - consciousness. Should, therefore, move all the bud of religious influence of social poisoning [...] and because I was allowed to put the Bible I go back and swallow it with pleasure and delight. [...] ". (How to face the terrible Holocaust Halht race - Adam murderous and inhumane - can deny Jewish Heritage Bible sanctifies "Thou shalt not kill" and the other Commandments and sinister "image A - God created man?! - Rahman). (P. 610) Daniel tax: [...] Sometimes I go to extremes and think there's more to regret living embryos without benefit than the death [...]. " (Pp. 629-33) Isaac Kaminsky: "Hannover 06.21.46 [...] I met with a few dozen Jews who survived the Russian steppes or were too distant nations and daughter - monasteries and returned to them - and now in the homeland [...] Ministers devotion, faith and confidence also - along: "See you in Israel - Israel quickly and precisely at once"; [...] Bergen - Belsen, The Jewish Agency, Tishrei Tashaz [...] Yesterday was Yom Kippur and the atmosphere of the day - The report - Mental served in the camp. Synagogues were full [...] very few were those who justified the law Sha - God sentenced him in recent years. Many times the cry that was to burst hatch heavens: Why? Until when? [...] ". (P. 636/7) Assaf Katz: "[...] when nature Struma thousand young people were not forced to go to release illegal immigrants - Atlit. We settled the strike [...] for half the day [...] I think not to boys and girls from the age of six - ten or more to sit in the school. they need to be the pioneers to the village and tell [...] ". (P. 644) Joseph Kofler: "[...] know Mary, I love our endless love.'m Willing to sacrifice everything for me - and my life (and do Thsdini in phraseology). Anything not doubt that I leave all that was dear to me, to fulfill national duty - Jewish? ". (P. 655) Tuvia Kushnir: "up - five, Tuesday, tribe, Independence. Tzlik, Yael, Moshe and Malka dear! [...] If yes, Tzlik, much work remains to be done, and many of the programs, is not it darling? [...] Thus Tzlik, even for the day, may have been close! Your Tuvia Kushnir. (P. 664/5) Reuben Meiri: "[...] and the Cyprus issue at first shocked and scared, no longer is detrimental burglars go [...] praised the immigrants credit, they hide some letters the difficulty of adaptation to reality Haaretz - Israel and numbers only praise of the country. (P. 671) Welcome Wallinsky: "[...] Marx and Freud have lost made me losing my senses., But I found behind Moses who did not know death. Realized that the knowledge which I chose by Marx and Freud was the way to salvation, came to Jerusalem to redeem the mind. (P. 721) David Fradkin: "[...] I wrote you about our important visitor, today was a Jewish flag raising ceremony in honor of Moshe Sharett, it was in history. On Italian soil the flag was raised Jewish Hebrew division fighting in front of a - power WZO's official! It was a profound experience for all of us. [...] experience of the grandeur, the flag was hoisted and carried at the Hebrew boys, soldiers - people. I can not find the words to express this class [...]. " [...] 11/27/45 [...] You are more uniform you've shared yourself against Hitler in practice. Powerful enemy was defeated but his mind still exist in the form of Bevin. There is one desire - to be home, to be with the community. One day it can happen Valley - Jordan what Hill - live. [...] And here sitting members - an army of Jews, friends - kiss those soldiers who operate the weapons against children, against your relatives, against the community! Really made us uniform for - a person lacking self-respect? [...] David Fradkin. (P. 671) Moses Albert (Yitzhar): "pioneer, 12/27/47 [...] twenty-five points - more correctly pegs points - are the Negev and thirty one point! Distances, transportation difficulties, problems of water supply [. ..] bread - this is the week that saw [...] No bathing, no washing, maintaining a heavy storm and cold nights - and make fortifications., and despite all this - the wind 'healthy': sing, rejoice [...] " . (P. 688) Zvi Lifshitz: "It may be that you'll be disappointed in many things, but that does not stop for my desire and willingness to accept all the suffering love for the homeland. [...].


May Simon Eshed's name be a blessing. It was my privilege to share his story with all of you today. Simon's story is one of the many remembered today, on Israel's Independence Day, to honor all 25,578 fallen.