Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do all roads lead to a White House scandal?

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
May 14, 2013
Photo: Do all roads lead to a White House scandal?

Waylon Jennings "That Dog Won't Hunt"

There is no lack of scandals pouring from the White House administration.  

On Sunday, America was celebrating "Mother's Day".  Every day is "mother's" day, but on this particular day, families pay a special tribute to their mothers and grandmothers, with flowers, a family barbeque or dinner at a restaurant, and sometimes, a visit to a cemetery to place flowers on a mother's grave.  

But, for me, with my dear Mother no longer with me, it was a day of reflection.  A day when I shut off the news, shut down the computer, and spent time with family members.  

However, there is always this nagging feeling in the back of my mind, as I ask myself: "What else can possibly be announced by either the media, or this president, that will send shockwaves through my body?!  I am beginning to think the White House is one huge sinkhole and nothing good comes out of sinkholes!   A month ago, while a man was sleeping in his bed, a sinkhole swallowed up a portion of the home, along with this man, and it was too dangerous for anyone to rescue him.  The neighborhood was pleasant, and no one expected such a thing to happen, but it did - quickly and with no warning!

And that is a good example of what is happening to America!  

Choose a topic, one issue that brings heartache, distress and/or anger to your mind and 3 out 4 times, you can bet it comes directly from this administration.  So many fires to put out, and not a rescue in sight, because with each "new" announcement from the White House, people shake their heads and ask, "What next?  Can this government get any worse?"

Pick your poison - Fast and Furious (arming the Mexican drug cartel); a socialist health care system; Benghazi, Libya, where American diplomats were attacked by Islamic terrorists and then, covered up by President Obama and his staff - lying to the American people for over 8 months; or, Friday's news, where we learn that the IRS has been profiling and targeting Conservative organizations and individuals; and yesterday, the media discloses the fact that there has been wiretapping of the phones of  AP's journalists.

Have we become too frightened to stand up and say "Enough"!?  How did America fall so deep into an abyss (sinkhole) that our country's very freedoms and liberties are disappearing under this president, who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama?

Americans need to wake up and see past the lies.  Obama has done more than enough to deserve impeachment, and the same with numerous people in his administration.  And yet, to-date, the "leaders" in Washington dance around this topic, speaking great but meaningless words about "investigations" and separate committee hearings; while fools continue to defend a man who openly defies our Constitution, as he attacks verbally anyone who disagrees with his philosophy and ideology: both, foreign to the United State of America.  The murders of four of our own people is something you cannot ignore simply because Congress has been slow to do what is necessary to remove a Dictator from the "people's house".

If every single American picked up their phones and called their Representatives to tell them "enough is enough" and we aren't going to become victims to one man's "flexibility", that we demand the House begin impeachment proceedings immediately, and they ask, "Why?", you can respond with this comment: "Tyranny is unacceptable!".  Just as our forefathers did not shed their blood for America to be ruled by a lying Dictator, our troops today are not dying in the fields of Afghanistan, to support an un-American Dictator in the White House.

A Navy Seal's mother stated last week that her son did not die for the "hearts and minds" of our enemies.  And the mother of one of the Navy Seals who died in Benghazi, who wants to know "Why" her son was refused assistance from this administration, when the compound in Benghazi was under attack.   This past Sunday, Mother's Day, was a day of mourning for many mothers who have been betrayed by an administration that believes power, control, and elections are more important than honesty towards we, the American people, who were foolish enough to continue voting for traitors to this great nation.

Congress, do you damn job!  American citizens, become their "watchdog"!  Call, write, send Emails to the appropriate people who have the "power" we gave them to protect our country, and see that this ever-growing sinkhole at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  is plugged up, before no one is able to rescue us from the enemy "within".