Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is This Still America? by Americans Stand with Israel

Americans Stand with Israel
by Bee Sting
May 18, 2013

During the Oversight Committee hearing yesterday, May 17th, a Texas lawmaker, Brady,  asked, "Is this still America?"  

Americans have lost count of the scandals presented by and vomiting out of the lying mouths of this corrupt administration. And the three major scandals today do not include previous ones by President Obama and his minions.  Americans and even "Obama's" media are waking up to the fact that the IRS targeted Conservative groups, organizations, and individuals who supported Obama's opposition, Mr. Mitt Romney.  Is this still America?

Tea Party organizations across the country had complained since 2010 of being "singled" out by the IRS and the media and government all but ignored the complaints - until last week when "True Confessions" revealed that the IRS has been intimidating all of Obama's "enemies", as he liked to call American patriots who disagreed with his agenda and policies.  (see: Strassel: The IRS Scandal Started at the Top).

Americans have had 37 requests to repeal the socialist health care program implemented by the Obama administration during his first term.  However, the Court has redefined "un-Constitutional" when it determined Obamacare is simply a "tax" upon the people, forcing every single American to purchase something they do not want, nor can afford.  Is this still America?

President Obama has ignored Congress by signing Executive Orders whenever he feels he isn't getting his way.  Take for instance "gun control", which is against the Second Amendment. It was voted down by a thin margin a few months ago, but that isn't preventing this administration from seeking other ways to confiscate guns/ammo through other means.  Is this still America?

Four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya last September and to-date, the administration refuses to be honest with the American people and the families who lost their loved ones during an Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi.  Is this still America?

Benghazi represents a danger to our national security!  The IRS represents a communist-style of government, as it attempted to repress freedom of speech through intimidation.  And so does the tapping of the phones of journalists, and congressional members conversations in the locker rooms!  Is this still America?

Last night I learned that $92 MILLION DOLLARS is awarded IRS employees n bonus checks and that this money is approved by Congress.  Is this still America?

Americans compare Bengahzigate and the IRS scandal to Nixon "coverups".  However, Nixon's own party did not fear an investigation and proceedings leading up to Impeachment.  Those were days when Americans came together and wanted the truth; did not balk at cutting out corruption within our government.  What is wrong with today's members of Congress?  Is this still America?

This administration has no difficulty running lavish parties, taking expensive vacations during a time when America is suffering the worse economy since the Depression.  The White House has no problem inviting members of the Muslim Brotherhood to "Tea" at the White House, but is not embarrassed to verbally attack our friend and closest ally in the Middle East, Israel.   I can't remember a time when America betrayed her friends, while apologizing to the Islamic world for what it considers "America's mistakes".  Is this still America?

Few use the word "lie" when describing the latest revelations coming from this White House; why?  For fear that they, too, will be audited by the IRS?  For fear of retribution by this vindictive regime?  And fewer politicians dare mention "impeach", in spite of the numerous acts that are impeachable.  Is this still America?

If Congress refuses to do the right thing and remove this Dictator from the White House, would these last three scandals be the end of the crooked path of destruction, by this administration?  Would the lies cease?  Would suddenly, honesty prevail?  To answer these last questions, I want to play a video by Michael Savage:
Published on May 17, 2013

Radio Commentary by Michael Savage Aired on May 17, 2013 --- Michael Savage Website:
Michael Savage - Obama Admin. Scandals Released as Distraction! 
Something Fishy Behind the Scenes!

Did you listen?

Is this still America?  Why not contact your state Representatives and ask them that question.

by Bee Sting