Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keep Climbing - Avraham Fried (Official Audio)

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30 years since he began his travels worldwide and occupied almost every summit musically possible Chasidic singer, continues Avraham Fried climb to the next and becomes available to take the "KEEP CLIMBING", an album advocates a new, original and vibrant and in Hebrew "continues to climb." Two years of intensive work in the studio will hopefully an end in two weeks, when the new album hits the stores. "" KEEP CLIMBING in question, full of exciting and happy hits with 13 tracks of Yitzy Mlhnihm Waldner, Yuval Stoppel, Mandy Jerufi, Yossi Green, Moshe Laufer, Meshulam Greenberger, Lipa Schmeltzer and Avraham Fried ... himself. Not for nothing sweeping new album around, feature and much anticipation even before. some outstanding songs in it, the show was first revealed Fried Two months ago the Jerusalem International Convention Center, echoes many of the songs were given and received by the audience with enthusiasm and interest . album hopefully comes to stores before Purim, meet Farid in the midst of a global tour. "music as we know, is 'mind cure', I get excited every time the great privilege to connect people to their soul," and we all wish for himself, Avraham Fried. "at the mouth Adar's joy at Rabin, I hope this album will bring joy to every Jewish household. "

h/t Israel Matzav