Friday, March 2, 2012

Obama pays protection money to Egypt

MARCH 2, 2012

Obama helped fellow bros in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt extract protection money from the USA. Supposedly, two US-financed nonprofit groups paid about $4 million in order to fly 11 employees out of reach of Egyptian courts but this deal was brokered by the Muslim in chief in the Oval Office.

Rational Americans are outraged by payments of protection money.

The thugs of the Muslim Brotherhood pretended admiration for the goals of the the non-profit groups invovled in the shakedown but really the thugs sort of believed that $1.5 billion of US aid wouldn't arrive on time. Muslims are very very proud beggars, but they needn't have worried about Obama dissing his fellow Muslim bros.

Not one dollar of that aid should be sent to Egypt, but Obama won't cut them off. Aid to Egypt should be ended 20 January 2013 when we say good riddance to the usurper.

The Egyptians are upset, too.

Evening television talk shows brimmed with indignation. Even Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Prize-winning former international diplomat and a reliable advocate for such nonprofit groups, called the political interference in the judicial process a fatal strike to democracy.
Not that El B, or any other Muslim, understands democracy and not that democracy is what is developing in Egypt. And is kidnapping a judicial process? That's rich even for a liar like El Baradei. (And yes, I include a space between El and Blah, blah, blah.) As head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, El Blahblahblah said Iran wasn't developing nukes! Later, he admitted to lying, but he never expressed any shame in that. Clearly he is a devout Muslim.

Churchill said appeasing the enemy is like feeding a tiger hoping he will eat you last. Churchill, who understand the incompatibility of Islam with civilization, must be turning in his grave.

This appeasement emboldens Muslims everywhere. I get sick of saying it but it is too important not to say it: Muslims are not here to get along or fit in, they are here to destroy our culture, our country, and to kill or subjugate each one of us. Why? Because they worship Satan, aka Allah, who commands our death and enslavement as a means to further the doctrine of pure evil, aka Islam.

It is Almost Midnight in the West. Learn something about Islam  If after reading you still feel safe sitting on the couch and letting Muslim infest our lands, then good luck to you. But read the stuff first! Please?