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London Gets Rid of its Trash


By Bernie on 29 Feb 2012

London Street Scene - Old Style

London Street Scene - Old Style
Photo Credit: The Telegraph
London Street Scene - New Style
London Street Scene - New Style
Photo Credit: Marco Secchi

Iknow what you're thinking - Finally, London is throwing out its Muslim population. Sadly, no. This story is about the other kind of trash.
Here is what inspired this article: my son just returned from a business trip to London. The rooms were small, the food unremarkable, the people walking in the streets unyielding, and the center of the City remarkably and virtually empty of trash bins.
When he asked a clerk why, he was told that they were removed because they had 'problems' with them. The original 'problem' was IRA bombs: for example, the Harrods 1 and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant 2bombings in 1993.
But in the last decade the 'problem,' of course, is Muslims - too many Muslims.
There are a few places, railway stations and the like, which have clear plastic bags on a hoop to make hiding a bomb nearly impossible and, in addition, lessens the likelihood of shrapnel that a metal bin poses.
At a London McDonalds my son had to leave his trash on the table, there are no bins, the staff clear the tables.
The Brits are used to Muslims and bombs going off in their neighborhoods and are quite content without garbage bins everywhere, but the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London poses a big problem for the UK. Millions of visitors worried about the Muslim problem and too much litter if they don't install trash bins. The Solution? How about high-tech bomb-proof trash cans:
bomb-proof trash bins in LondonLook at it; it’s big, robust, tech savvy and one that lies right on the sidewalks of a crowded city. It is a bomb proof trash can that will soon be seen extensively on the street of London before the 2012 Olympic Games commence in July. More than 100 of these are going to be installed on the streets of London and it paves way for other cities to have a look at the future of trash cans that are always considered to be eye sores of city life. You will surely have a keen look at this futuristic trash can that can take on the fury of notorious terrorists and at the same time provide ample information to the commuters walking on the busy streets.


The Independent, 29 Jan 1993, Four hurt by IRA bomb outside Harrods
THE IRA revived memories of one of its worst atrocities in England when it bombed the Harrods department store in central London, injuring four people, yesterday.
Compared with the car bomb which killed six people and injured 93 others in 1983, yesterday's attack was minor and none of the victims was seriously hurt.
But the bomb, placed in a litter bin outside the Knightsbridge store, served notice that the terrorists plan to continue their attacks against economic targets in England.
The device, thought to consist of no more than 1lb of explosive, went off in a litter bin in Brompton Road outside the entrance to Harrods' jewellery department. It smashed windows and cracked doors, but caused no damage inside.
27 Feb 1993: a bomb exploded in a litter bin outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, injuring several people.
At 12:12 p.m., an anonymous caller believed to be a member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) phoned in a warning of a bomb at the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Oxford street. Twelve minutes later, another telephone call gave the location as another KFC outlet at the north end of Camden town. As police were evacuating the latter area, a bomb exploded in a litter bin several hundred yards to the south. Three people, including a a Swedish tourist were seriously injured. At least ten others were treated and released.
PDF (Page 29).
Caption to photos at top of article:
Old Style: Europe's population will fall in the next 40 years, but Britain's population will swell by 15 million to hit 77 million.
New Style: Shiite Muslim devotees pray at Marble Arch ahead of the 29th Arbaeen Procession on February 7, 2010 in London, England. Arbaeen occurs 40 days after the day of Ashura, the commemoration of the martyrdom of Iman Hussain in Karbala (Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images).

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