Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Bipolar Obama Presidency



by Peter Wehner

Yesterday, President Obama informed us that that he was not prepared to question the patriotism or love of country of any of his political rivals. “I’m a firm believer that whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, that you’re a patriot, you care about this country, you love this country,” Obama said at a fundraiser in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. “And so I’m not somebody who, when we’re in a political contest, suggests somehow that one side or the other has a monopoly on love of country.” 
Except that he is.
For example, in this speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, President Obama repeated a line he’s often used. “But if we’re being honest, we know the real problem isn’t the Members of Congress in this room. It’s the Members of Congress [Republicans] who put party before country because they believe the only way to resolve our differences is to wait … till the next election.” (OK, now we know why Hillary prefers Palestinians over Republicans!)
Insisting time and time again that Members of Congress are putting party above country for political expediency is a pretty good definition of being unpatriotic. The president, then, is doing the very thing that he said he never does.
Such is the bipolar nature of the Obama presidency. He not only does one thing while claiming to do another; Obama, ever true to himself, presents himself as high-minded even as he routinely takes the low road. His hypocrisy is combined with an unmatched sense of moral superiority. If this effort isn’t premeditated, then the condition is clinical. Neither option reflects particularly well on the president.
Peter Wehner


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