Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Portrait of a Failed "Messiah"

NOTE:  Alan Caruba's essay "Portrait of a Failed Messiah" is a powerful description of Obama's true colors  and, one of the best descriptions on how America got to where we are today ... on a journey down the wrong path - a path Obama is attempting to have all of us follow.  However, due to sound minds seeking answers (the truth) and a solid Constitution, Obama will fail and America will be sending moving trucks to the White House after November's election.  

More often, many Conservatives are comparing the loss of freedoms this administration wishes to place on the backs of every American to the 1930's and the rise of another dictator.  I believe history books are being re-opened, just to aid us in figuring out how that former dictator rose to power; what was his trick to fool world leaders and nations?  How did TWELVE MILLION people and the almost complete destruction of one race, the Jews, occur in modern civilization?  It could NEVER happen again - right?!

Hitler blamed one race - the Jews - for all the problems the German citizens were facing. The Jews were blamed for the poor economy and made the scapegoats for everything under the sun, according to the Dictator.  "If only the Jews .... (fill in the blank)...".  Hatred grew, anti-Semitism blossomed to the point that gas chambers and Annihilation soon followed.  Today, anti-Semitism is spreading throughout Europe and even within America's finest universities.  I can't help but wonder if Obama is partly to blame for this growing hatred, as he embraces the enemies of Israel, while his administration publicly bashes Israel every chance they get.

Let me ask you a question.  Why did Obama's administration recently deny Jerusalem as Israel's capital?  The answer came a week after their denial - he plans to give the Palestinians a portion of Jerusalem for its "Embassy".  Really?  How does a non-existent "state" gain an Embassy in the land they deny exists for the Jewish people?

Why does Obama blame Israel for a lack of peace in the Middle East and say to the world, "If only Israel would stop building in their land; ... if only Israel would compromise more ... etc. etc."
And, the European leaders sing the same swan song as Obama.  The world has found a "scapegoat" and once again the Jews are blamed for all the disagreeable things happening in  throughout this world.  Obama refuses to speak up and speak out against his Palestinian pals shooting rockets into Israel and murdering their children under the cover of darkness; such as, the Fogel family, but beats down Israel's door because she builds homes in her land for her citizens.  This is a total denial by this administration of Israel's sovereignty. 

99% of the wars we're fighting today are against radical Islamic terrorism. No peace in the Middle East, no peace in African countries, or Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey as more and more Christians are punished for not being "Muslim" and yet, we've allowed this president to blame Israel for a lack of peace.  Why?  Why is our entire Congressional members silent?  
Is it true that people are only as good as their leaders?  If so, we're sunk - dead in the water - no chance of survival.  Chamberlain thought he could make "deals' with Hitler; Obama thinks he has the power to make "deals" with Iran's Islamic leaders.  A few handshakes, smiles for the cameras, and all will be well for this old world - peace is just a handshake away.  Either Obama does not understand the goals of Islam - the total destruction of Israel and all non-Muslims, or he is deliberately aiming towards the same goals as Iran's leaders. 

The sooner we get this anti-American, anti-U.S. Constitution, anti-Supreme Court, anti-Israeli, Apologist for Islam, Acceptance of Evil and Denier of all things Good, Barack HUSSEIN Obama out of America's White House, the sooner America can begin to heal. 
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Ah ...Main Stream Media hard at work!


By Alan Caruba
“His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

If you think this is a psychological profile of Barack Obama, you would be wrong. It is a quote from a profile of Adolph Hitler, prepared for the Office of Strategic Services—the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency—by Walter C. Langer and three others during World War II.

The fact that it rather closely resembles aspects of Obama’s personality we have come to know would be cause for alarm if we were living in the 1930s at the time of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, but this is a very different time and the U.S. Constitution is still a powerful instrument.
Unlike the 1930s, the Internet has provided everyone with the ability to access information that, as often as not, conflicts with that the mainstream media would have us believe.

Still there are similarities. As to Hitler’s success, Langer wrote that the “Realization of a fundamental loneliness and feeling of isolation in people living under modern conditions and a craving to ‘belong’ to an active group which carries a certain status, provides cohesiveness, and gives the individual a feeling of personal worth and belongingness” is as true today as it was in former times. 

This may explain the sudden appearance of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but OWS quickly wore out its welcome due to its complete lack of organization or mission.

Perhaps its only mission was to implant the thought that the “1%”—the rich—were unfairly wealthy at a time of widespread economic difficulties experienced by the unemployed, those who had lost their homes, and the middle class. 

The problem OWS encountered is the general American view that this is a land of opportunity in which anyone can become rich along with the regard people have for those they deem to have become successful because they were innovators and risk-takers or, to put it another way, because they worked for it!

A large body of the American public today has rejected Barack Obama as they have come to know him. While frequently spoken of as having a charming personality and other positive traits, these attributes have been undermined by Obama. 

His constant use, indeed, dependence on Tele-Prompters quickly became a running joke. On an organization level, his import of the so-called “czars” to backstop and even replace the traditional role and powers of Cabinet Secretaries created an immediate disquiet as the public learned more about them. They and Cabinet picks tended to share a well-recorded contempt for human beings.

In retrospect, the 2008 election was a masterpiece of the theatrical manipulation of the public’s perception of Obama. He was frequently presented in the context of huge crowds and in ways that portrayed him as “the Messiah” for those seeking an all-wise, all-knowing masterful personality. 

Obama’s megalomania was perhaps best revealed when, on June 3, 2008, he said, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Was he taking responsibility or promising to alter the forces of Nature?

It is thus no accident that William Shirer, an American reporter who covered Hitler’s rise, described his public appearances, wrote "A searchlight plays upon his lone figure as he slowly walks through the hall, never looking to right or left, his right hard raised in salute, his left hand as the buckle of his belt. He never smiles—it is a religious rite, this procession of the modern Messiah incarnate. Behind him are his adjutants and secret service men. But his figure alone is flooded with light.” 

“We are the generation we have been waiting for,”
said Obama. This had a singular appeal to the young and to his generation that found themselves mired in debt. Soon Obama would increase that debt to such an extent that the children and grandchildren of his generation would be paying it off through their lifetimes. They, however, did not know that in 2008.

There were many unknowns during the years of Hitler’s rise to power, but there were many clues, indicators, and demonstrations of where he was taking Germany. Democratically elected, the Nazi Party was quick to impose control over all aspects of life in Germany and especially its media, its newspapers, films and other aspects of its culture. Parenthetically, many Americans are well aware that the mainstream media played a significant role in Obama’s election and routinely engages in furthering liberal fantasies such as global warming and renewable energy which turned out to be an orgy of crony capitalism.

Obama’s over-reach, a reflection of his distaste for the U.S. Constitution and his belief in his own superiority, has recently been seen in his attack on the Supreme Court. It is conjectured that he has been informed through back channels that Obamacare will be declared unconstitutional. If so, the centerpiece of his plan to engineer a government takeover the nation’s healthcare system will be in ruins. 

His policy failures are well known to the public and, in particular, to the voters. 

What we have come to learn is that he is a liar. He lies even when he does not have to and he lies all the time.
Unlike Hitler in the 1930s when the Nazi party was able to overturn all the normal conventions of the Weimar Republic, Barack Obama has run into the wall of the U.S. Constitution. 

Obamacare was already opposed by most Americans and voters were offended when then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it.” That’s not how a democracy works. 

In 2010 the voters returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republicans. In 2012, Obama will be turned out of office and there is even the likelihood that a Republican President will have both houses of Congress controlled by his party.

Then the business of restoring the economy, rebuilding the military, and reducing the debt left in Obama’s wake will begin.

© Alan Caruba, 2012