Thursday, April 12, 2012

VIDEO: Israel and the United Nations by Pat Condell

Bee's Note:
I believe the video should have been entitled "Israel, America and the United Nations".  The same enemies of Israel are enemies of the United States.

Mr. Condell's comments on the United Nations are absolutely truthful and factual, which begs us to ask a simple question: Why aren't the politicians in Washington, DC as clear-headed and disgusted with the U.N. as most Americans?

Would the GOP Candidate be willing to speak up about his thoughts on the United Nations?  It is past time that America pack up and send the entire "crooked court" to whatever Islamic country they choose.  Or, is it that no one in Washington can recognize the political corruption within the UN, because that same political corruption is running rampant in Washington?  The Alice in Wonderland's Court of the Queen of Hearts makes as much sense as the United Nations.

"You do not take orders from your enemies", said Pat Condell.  Exactly! 

 So, turn the UN building into apartments and let New York City collect the rent; or come up with your own ideas on what to change that building into; but for heaven's sake, get rid of the United Nations.  It has outlived its usefulness and all the pretense in this world can't change what this out-dated organization has turned into - an anti-American, anti-Israel Islamic organization, with the same hatred towards America and Israel.  And, if our "allies" are with us, they will do the same - resign from the U.N.  

Or, here's an idea: let the U.N. members meet in different countries each year, perhaps at some downtown hotel, or country estate.  Since all the main terrorists are U.N. members, no need to spend MILLIONS on police escorts; after all, who would dare attack terrorists? If they want body guards, tell them to bring their own, but no country hosting this grand affair should pay one dime for police protection.  Give all our "allies" an opportunity to cover the expenses involved with entertaining these fat-headed, pompous crooks and terrorists.  Yes, terrorists!  I suppose you don't consider the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an Islamic Extremist terrorist?!

And lastly, while we're on the subject of anti-Israel agendas, would any member in the House or Senate like to explain to the American people why we have a "president" who has chosen to stand with the Islamic leaders (yes, the same ones described in this video), rather than stand beside Israel?  Have we become as ignorant as the members of the UN who wish nothing but evil towards Israel?  Where is our moral vision?  Our ability to lead and not follow in the ways of crookedness?

America and Israel do not always see eye-to-eye on every issue, but the friendship between our two countries is a lasting friendship;  Israel, as I have posted yesterday, is the only nation who aids the United States, with its technology, scientific discoveries, intelligence, and an endless list of benefits - benefits that not one Islamic country has ever offered to repay the U.S. for all the BILLIONS of DOLLARS America has handed these Muslim nations as "gifts" on silver platters, from the U.S. taxpayers.  If anyone thinks those bribes will maintain peace in the Middle East, guess again!  With every Arab uprising, Islamic extremism is taking the lead and every one of those nations are turning into mini-Iran's.

 "We the people of these United States" demand to know why our leaders have allowed this "president" to embrace all that is Islam, while ignoring the needs of our true allies, specifically, the State of Israel.  The past month's "leaks" to the media, from the White House, have damaged the security of every Israeli citizen, in the middle of the hot bed of terrorism, rockets, and murders, from its Muslim neighbors.  Trustworthiness is lacking among our leaders when it comes down to protecting and preserving friendships with our true allies.
Here's just one example of ignorance, straight from the mouth of the Secretary of State:

Hillary Clinton Sides with Palestinians Over Republicans - published by The Weekly Standard.

"Over Republicans"?!  Over United States citizens?!  Is she for real?  Why are our top leaders betraying American citizens over Arab Muslim "Palestinians"?  Such bias; contempt; and disdain towards Americans and its Constitution.  Hillary's every word represents the ideology of Obama.

Hamas MP: The Jews Were Brought to Palestine for the "Great Massacre"