Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama Justice Department, FBI Co-Sponsoring Workshop On “Combating Islamophobia”…

NOTE:  As I've said often, the audacity pouring out of this White House administration boggles the mind!  Please visit Weasel Zippers and read the comment section - you won't be disappointed!  Here is just one example:
Defender of the West says:May 14, 2012 at 1:50 pmThis would be like holding a “combating Nazi-phobia” meeting during WWII. Or “combating MrCarthyism” during the Cold War. Oh, I guess they did do that second one. Can they not see that the motivation behind our main enemy in the world is strict adherence to Islamic principles of Jihad, Shariah, and Dawa? No, no, everything must be our fault to the guilt-ridden liberal. They only attack because they hate our capitalist-colonialist-racist- etc. etc.. history
 Islam: "Whoever Changes His Religion - Kill Him" 

We’re wandering dangerously close into British-style PC pandering territory.
Huntsville, AL (WAAY/ABC) —  On Thursday, May 17th, people representing a cross-culture of Madison County will come together to learn more about Islam. “Combating Islamophobia: Truths and Myths About Islam” is a community engagement workshop sponsored by the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice, UA-Huntsville, and the Huntsville Islamic Center, among others. Aladin Beshir, director of community outreach for the Huntsville Islamic Center, hopes the event will help build bridges in the community. “This is a very, very small step and a very focused and great grand scheme of cooperation among law enforcement and the Muslim community, sending the message that we are all united to protect America.”
Beshir says there are many misconceptions about Islam that have arisen, in part, by people taking portions of the Quran out of context. He says, “Islam does not teach violence. People love to pick and choose,” adding, “the Holy Quran states, one destroys one soul as if he killed the whole humanity, and one saves one soul as if he saves the whole humanity.” When it comes to addressing myths about Muslims, Beshir says the media represents one of the biggest challenges because, “if you listen to the media, you will think they’re under the bed and coming to get you!”
The number of Muslims living in Madison County may be small, but they represent 20 percent of the world population. Beshir says it only makes sense to learn more about this faith shared by millions of people. “What we believe in doesn’t need to be agreed upon by everybody else, but it will help for the majority to know more about the minority,” he says. Through greater knowledge, he hopes will come greater understanding and acceptance.