Monday, May 14, 2012

WARNING! - Soon, EVERY day will be Muslim Day

Bee's Note:  Having just posted the following article,

Obama Justice Department, FBI Co-Sponsoring Workshop On “Combating Islamophobia”…   is there any doubt left as to where this administration has led Americans since President Obama stepped inside our White House?  America is still at war with Islamic terrorists across the globe and yet, Obama promotes Islam here in America as though Islam's 7th Century doctrines are something that can co-exist with modern civilization?  It can't and it is at war in every nation they step foot upon - ignoring the laws of the land while promoting their propaganda; which includes the numerous honor killings throughout the United States.  Islam's teachings/doctrines contradict the U.S. Constitution - period!  There is absolutely no need for workshops, or demeaning the majority of U.S. citizens who just happen to disagree with Islamic propaganda.  Can you imagine if, during WWII, American citizens tagged as "Naziphobics"?  And imagine our federal government demanding "tolerance" towards those who promote Hitler's doctrines, while our troops are in Europe fighting the Nazis.  Crazy? Insane? Just as crazy as being called Islamophobics, while our military fight Islamic terrorism on almost every continent in the Middle East and beyond!  Wake up America!  The clock is ticking ... time to get serious about ending this so-called "tolerance" of a dogma that is out to destroy America.  Bare Naked Islam's report (below) is absolutely correct and how scary is that for all of us?!



They can call themselves Muslim Americans but their actions demonstrate they don’t even want to be around Americans, except when they absolutely have to, at work or school. Never have we  seen a particular religion in America declaring so many special days exclusively for their followers. Apparently, they are just putting up with us, and breeding like rabbits until they have enough muslim voters to turn America into an Islamic state. After all, they’ve already put one of their own into the White House.

With a quick search, we can find a myriad of Muslim (ONLY) Days. Starting from the most repugnant:

MUSLIM DAY OF PRAYER AT THE US CAPITAL - Muslims gather on the lawn of the US Capitol Building, prostrate themselves on their dirty prayer rugs, then pray for Islam to be the law of the land.  OUR land. Barack Hussein Obama approves of this spectacle at OUR capitol, but he has cancelled the National Day of Prayer at the White House.

MUSLIM DAYS at STATE CAPITALS - There have been several this year and plans are to hold Muslim Days in every state once a year. Muslim squat and pray on the lobby floor of our State Capital buildings, making it impossible for non-Muslim to pass through.

MUSLIM FAMILY DAYS at PARKS like Six Flags Great Adventure, Playland, and other local parks. Only Muslims are allowed entry into the parks that day and park employees are not permitted to wear shorts.

MUSLIM DAY PARADE in NYC - Not much parading goes on but a lot of praying in the streets where Muslims spread out their rugs and raise their asses in prayer for world domination.


And now, MUSLIM SPORTS DAY (video below)