Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama Did It – Not Bush, Republicans or God


Monday, June 18, 2012
The man who ignores our Constitution, threatens our Supreme Court, bi-passes Congress and is still spending millions of taxpayer's hard earned money daily.
If Obama ever had a slogan that was befitting his behavior, it would be “Easy come, easy go.”  Obama’s not interested in a balanced budget, jobs, downsizing the Government or transparency; he’s been concentrating on four things since 2009.  (1) Obamacare, (2) Redistribution, (3) Stopping job growth, and (4) 4 more years in the White House. 
There’s no doubt about it,  he spends our money faster than we can make it. Government posted a budget deficit of $125 billion in May 2012 - this was double the budget deficit in May 2011.  It’s obvious that Obama has accelerated his redistribution agenda and Americans are sitting on their thumbs saying just wait until November 2012.  Can we really afford to wait?  
In case Americans wonder who just slipped in their hip pockets again and stole 20 mil dollars – the answer would be the Obama Administration of course. Yep, Obama decided even though our Supreme Court is supposed to make a final decision on the legality of the Obamacare bill in a couple of weeks he would show us one more time what political propaganda looks like.
The Obama administration just sealed a $20 mil deal with PR firm Porter Novelli to help promote Obamacare.  Just another action by Obama to repaint his fading image as Commander in Chief along with 1.4 mil dollar search ad campaign designed to drive traffic to his website.
Some suggest Obama has been behaving and not redistributing your money, they’re  wrong, dead wrong – every day he remains in the White House he’s slipping more of our bucks under the table and out the back door to his buds, Unions, Special Interest groups - he’s wheeling and dealing while we sleep. Obama’s latest slap in the face against the America working class was his latest Executive Order concerning illegal immigrants – he moves an illegal group of people to the front of the line in an attempt to regain the Hispanic votes blatantly ignoring our immigration laws.
Obama once again sneaks around Congress and erodes the laws of our land – his blatant execution of Obama Law violates the Constitutional separation of powers. Obama the dictator is giving illegals a free 2 year pass to live legally in our USA. This is another dirty redistribution scheme that will take taxpayer’s money and  jobs.
Isn’t it amazing that Americans are sitting back on their haunches letting this madman ruin our Nation?  We have the right, in fact it’s our duty to demand total transparency before Obama spends another dime of taxpayer’s money. Congress has been MIA and they need to quit the 3 ring political circus and fight for our Country. 
Obama’s spending addiction must come to a screeching halt – taxpayer’s need to take over the Government budget immediately.  Stick with the KISS philosophy; (1) Government can’t spend more than they take in –that means getting rid of the sacred cows, reduction of salaries, President pays for his own campaign expenses, Airforce One used only for National emergencies, House & Senate paid for time on the job (only) and retract all money promised to Karzai, Libya or any other Middle East Country until we the people have a chance to vote on the amounts of money being dispersed. 
Establish a reasonable payment to be set aside monthly to pay down our National Deficit and demand total transparency requiring the Government to notify us 3 days in advance before spending one dime of taxpayer’s money. 
Congress can slow up or even stop Obama’s Executive Orders – it takes a 2/3 rd. majority of Congress to override an EO.  Executive Orders can be challenged in court on the grounds that the order deviates from Congressional intent or the President’s Constitutional powers. 
The problem with Obama and his Executive Orders is this – he is a traitor on our turf abusing and misusing his power – we must stay up on all of his EO’s between now and November demanding that Congress takes action every time he ignores our Constitutional laws as set down by our forefathers.
It’s plain and simple “we are the people” and we must take back our Government restoring it to a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Waiting on a bunch of phony make believe politicians isn’t an answer but a cop out – we’re either going to act as responsible citizens or watch our beautiful America go up in smoke. 
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca