Saturday, June 23, 2012

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

My granddaughters - Maegan and Maura 
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

This is the first summer weekend and New Hampshire has been under a tropical heat wave.  Frying an egg on the car windshield would be possible the past few days!  Our meals have consisted of salads and lots of fresh fruits (the nice part of summer is Farmer's Market and fresh vegetables and fruit).  

Summer is also a time when many of us work on home repairs and sprucing up our yards.  The season is so short before fall and long winters, time is of the essence and that, dear folks, is what I've been in the middle of since the first part of May.  "This old house" is not an expression we use lightly when referring to my home.  It is an older New England home and it sure needed work!  Since May, the roof has been replaced, a new heating system installed, and now, we're at the tail end of painting the home.  While I am not doing the labor, between contractors and family assistance, the work is getting done, but that does involve my time - time away from this computer.  We're taking photos of "before and after" and as soon as the house is completed, I'll post a few here for you to see.

In the meantime, "news" doesn't stop and the world continues to spin out of control.  Some news on Obama should be listed under "Believe it or Not".  And then there are this week's hearings and reports on Fast and Furious and Obama's Executive Privilege to prevent Congress from seeking contempt charges against AG Holder

.However, the article posted by Grumpy's Opinions really takes the cake: ELECTION 2012: Obama wants your gifts, etc. …REALLY  Is it possible for Obama to become any more arrogant ?

NEWS, NEWS, NEWS...but hardly a word about Israel being under attack.  Isn't it strange that whenever this administration grabs the attention of the MSM when he condemns Israel from building home, but when over 100 rockets are fired into Israeli homes in less than 3 days, there isn't a peep from international news stations, and not even the one "conservative" news media has mentioned what is happening to Israel ... just reports about the Egyptian protests over its elections.  Here's a brief video of  the horror that kids in south Israel facing almost every day:

Children of Sderot in class during a missile attack

The on-going terror Israelis face daily from the onslaught of rockets sent by the Palestinian Arab Hamas terrorists in Gaza seems to raise an eyebrow, or a word from the White House - guess campaigning is far more important than speaking out against terrorism in the Middle East.   Just saying .............

Whether you are busy working on home projects, or sunning on a beach, I hope everyone is able to enjoy the weekend.

Bee Sting

PS: This is the problem we ran into when contractors installed our roof: