Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012: A Misty Morning in New Hampshire

For years, summer vacations were spent in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  As a "city" girl, raised in a northern town outside Boston, MA, New Hampshire's lakes and mountains were always a welcome sight.  To wake up mornings, without the sounds of trains, planes and automobiles, and hear the sounds of - oh, wait, there were no sounds - just silence, except for a lonely bird singing outside my window, or the sounds of someone firing up a motor boat to spend the day on the lake.  Having breakfast at the picnic table outside our rented cabin was as if nature had wrapped a blanket around me.  This, for me, was the best type of "renewal" for my mind and soul.  

I never tire of swimming in the lakes, or sitting by a campfire with family.  It was a time when we shared stories and laughter and with each summer vacation, pleasant memories were born to share at future campfires, while we roasted marshmallows and watched the grandchildren play.

There was one campsite my oldest son brought his family for years.  It wasn't in the mountain region; much closer to the beaches along the shoreline of New Hampshire.  However, the new owners of that campsite did not keep up with the "upkeep" of the site and slowly, it became quite run down.  And so, this year, my son found a beautiful camp resort in Massachusetts.  

I can't begin to explain all the amenities included, but the cabins are well-equipped; the lake is clear for swimmers, while boaters can fish to their heart's delight!  A huge swimming pool has a fountain in the middle of the pool and the children love swimming under it; it has all the comforts of home and yet, you still have the feeling of contentment that comes from spending a few days or week away from home.

It's a misty morning here in New Hampshire and our summer is quickly coming to a close.  News of yesterday's choice of Paul Ryan for VP, earthquakes in Iran, fires burning near Jerusalem (which appear to be another form of terrorism), are enough to keep the headlines active and bloggers busy.  But I prefer to share some photos this morning of the family enjoying their summer vacation in July and a place where I will be spending the last week in August (yes, I am taking the last week of August to be with family at our new and favorite spot in Massachusetts) ... 
Our cabin:

There is an island in the middle of the lake
Youngest grandson - enjoying the beach

Two grandsons, Joshua and Blade/in boat
"Brothers" ..enjoying a quiet moment on the dock
Oldest son, Mark

Two sons, Mark and Todd, with grandson Blade
Mark's wife, Jeannette - catches the largest bass!

Entrance to the camp

And that, folks, is the end of this summer's family journal - at one of New England's camp resorts (unless I add more photos after my August vacation).

America is beautiful!  Our troops fight to allow each of us the opportunity to live in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  Our liberties are precious and our Founding Father's did "build that" under the U.S. Constitution.  

We work for our families and yes, we did "build that" when it comes to raising our children, so that the next generation can enjoy the same freedoms we enjoyed growing up.  For most of us, our lives evolve around family.  

When we hear anyone forming un-American policies that would destroy our way of life and that of all Americans, we have a duty and a right to prevent this from happening.  And, when you read the blogs (such as this one) presenting facts and issues that concern every American - issues that go against everything "American",  we must reject this administration's apologies to the Islamic world.  Americans do not apologize for protecting its freedoms.  What has worked for the past 200 years will continue to work, even when there are times (like now) when we must identify our enemies, protect our borders, and stop the insanity of Islam infiltrators within our halls of Congress, federal agencies, and the White House.  

Governor Romney understands the difficulties Americans face.  His VP Paul Ryan appreciates the need to balance the budget and fix our economy, and also understands the dangers we face against Iran.  These two men are not bowing to Saudi Kings.  I have no plans to post negative ads from this administration, with their hopes of causing confusing and doubt in the minds of those who may be sitting on the fence. 

Look at your family and loved ones and ask, "Can I (and my children) continue to live the American way of life, if this administration races down the same path they have led America down these past 4 years?"   I have shared a few photos of my family to demonstrate what and who is important in my life.  This is the reason why I fight for a better tomorrow for all Americans.

New England has 4 seasons and its now past the season for returning America to its rightful place as a shinning light for the "FREE" world.

Enjoy today, watching out for our tomorrows'

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