Friday, August 17, 2012

Video: 1000 years of Darkness

Where is the "road to peace"?  

Does the West expect Israel to split their land like an atom and give it to those who do not seek peace?

Has America fought in vain ELEVEN Years against those who live in darkness?  The enemy robbed our nation of its innocence when they attacked our land on September 11, 2011.  Since that horrific day, the way we travel has never been the same; a package left unattended is enough to call out the Swat Teams; and the mandates and rules under Homeland Security do not cause Americans a sense of safety - for no one can ever skip down the street feeling safe and free as long as Islamist organizations with ties to the terrorist groups, such as, the Muslim Brotherhood are allowed to bring frivolous law suits against America's businesses over dress codes - codes which every private business is allowed to place in effect for safety reasons and for the expectations of their clients.  Free?  

And, instead of defining America's enemies and terrorist organizations, this White House administration in 2009 quickly removed all identification of the enemy from every single U.S. Federal organization.  Why?  Politics - that's why!  They are playing politics with our lives and livelihoods.  After all, if you want to wind down wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and every other country where our troops have been sent to fight Islamist Jihad, anti-American, anti-civilization, what better way to do it than to remove who our enemy is that robs us of the freedoms we once enjoyed?

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" have no meaning within the teachings of Islam.  Look at the countries that are led by Muslims under the Koran - do you see happiness in the faces of its citizens?  They kill and murder each other and spread their poison throughout the world.  No one can deny this, as we have lost thousands of citizens on 9/11 and thousands more on the battle fields.  

We tell our democratic ally Israel "Hey, what's a few plots of land to you, when by handing over "land for peace" is in the best interest of the world/Middle East."  We blame Israel for a lack of peace, when 11 years of fighting these same Muslim enemies across the sea has not brought one ounce of "peace" in any of the countries our troops have fought.  The bombings and attacks on all non-Muslims continue.  Our own troops in Afghanistan are being murdered by the very Afghanistan police units who are trained by American troops - go figure?!

Our Washington leaders tell Israel "Sit tight, we've got your back" while the worse madmen in the world are threatening Israel with total annihilation!  (What's it to us?  We're war-weary and have no inkling of supporting our ally, or saving her from a second Holocaust!).  This is total foolishness!  Isn't Washington, DC remotely concerned that whatever happens to Israel will soon rain down upon our own heads?  9/11 will look like a piece of cake compared to what they have planned for an encore for the United States.  Iran, supporter of every single Muslim terrorist organization in this world, has to-date, been allowed to continue their hellbent achievement of obtaining their Number One goal of nuclear weapons, while our administration sits around the camp fire discussing "peace" with these criminally insane leaders living in darkness and unable to contribute to a civilized world.

Will our elections this November bring about a change to America that will secure our borders, stop the influx of Islamic immigration from Third World countries that wish us all dead?  Will it be wise enough to prevent the on-going aid to those who wish another 9/11 on our shores?  Will it stop aiding and abetting America's enemies?  

Only time will tell.  Meanwhile, as we prepare for America's 11th Anniversary of 9/11 ... may we join with Israel and say, "Never Forget".