Saturday, August 18, 2012

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

disaster-plan-freefallOngoing events conspire to make this particular time in history very grave.
The Mid-East: Always trouble. Now more so.
Iran’s Head Chimpanzoid, Muckmut Amadmanonajihad, says Israel will not exist much longer.  It’s not the first time he has threatened to annihilate Israel.  He is the simian puppet of the true rulers of Iran. The Council of Goatbeards.
Ayatollah Khomeini,  Head Goatbeard & the Pope of Islam, says it’s the duty of every Muslim in the world to wage jihad on Israel. I rarely agree with Khomeini but I never claim his interpretation of Islam is in error. He simply knows more about Islam than I do. If he says Muslims are commanded by Allah to war with Israel, who am I to argue that’s un-Islamic? (Now do you understand why calling Islam the Religion of Peace is an outright lie?)
Many Muslims, world-wide, believe their mystic Mahdi is about to return and bring about Muslim control of the entire world. The barbarians are jacked about that. Nothing  portends ill for the good of civilization like a billion enthusiastic savages.
There is a real likelihood of a nuke event in the next three or four months. If it happens, pray that the Israelis did the nuking!
Europe: Death of a franken-currency.
The meltdown of the eurozone is evident even to the brave faced eurozone bureaucrats in charge of  euro pep rallies.Finland is preparing for the actual break-up of the eurozone. Many large investment funds are shorting the euro. Shorting is the market term for betting something will fall  in value.
Timo Soini, head of the Finns Party which won 19% of votes at the last election, said voters were angry.
He added: 'Either the south or the north will break away because this currency straitjacket is causing misery for millions and destroying Europe’s future… It is a total catastrophe. We are going to run out of money the way we are going. But nobody in Europe wants to be first to get out of the euro and take all the blame.
America: Drought & The Presidential Election &  A Conservative owned Media
America’s mid-west is still the breadbasket of the world, even tough much of world wishes it were not true. Perhaps this year, it won’t be true. Crops are poor to disastrous. Oh, don’t worry about Americans, they’ll be okay, Jack. Yes, farmers will take it on the chin, but millions of folks in Africa and third world Asia will starve.
If the enemedia numbers are anywhere near being true, Americans are either truly clueless or suicidal. I would have thought Obama would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. If Romney doesn’t win in a landslide, America has very few more years as the bastion of freedom and free markets. Obama’s Marxism must be refuted in spades!
Islamic Paradises: Ungovernable
Afghani cop murders two US soldiers. No, I’m not dredging up last week’s news. This happened Friday. Muslims are commanded to hate kafirs. If Allah hates us, how could any Muslim feel differently? Education is not the answer. Islam commands Muslims to detest everything Western folks love or value.
It is Almost Midnight in the West. For many reasons. But don’t take your eye off the ball—Islam is still the most dangerous enemy the West ever had.
It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!