Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alan Jackson "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning"

I will Never Forget the moment when I saw the twin towers and felt so scary from how tall and big they are!!!
I will Never forget those peaceful days in my childhood in New York when I used to watch "Friends".. 
I will Never Forget that freaky moment when I go to the top of Lady Liberty and see the Twin Towers heading New York Sky... 
I will Never Forget those days where everything used to be simple from Music to Cartoons with no much attention about politics.... 
I will never forget my best friend and Cousin Jason who died at the age of 28 while saving lives.... 
I will never forget 9/11 NEVER ...


Today, eleven years later, we all once again mark the terrible and tragic attacks on the American people on September 11th 2001. 
We bow our heads in remembrance to those who lost their lives, we feel for the families still trying to place the pieces of their lives back together and those who were injured, who suffer the pain quietly every second of the day. 
Those that attacked the U.S. did so 
because of what it stands for; life, liberty and freedom; they attacked humanity and man kind in the most vicious manner. Together with Americans all over the world, Israel and Israeli's shares your pain and together we all mourn.  As we have learned over so many years, life must go on, but we also stand by your side in the pursuit of a better future for all of our children and for the people of the world.  Today, we salute you all; Today we salute the First responders who sacrifice so much to save so many every day.

From the : Israel Defense Army:
Terror crosses all borders. We remember. G-d bless America!

"America is at a critical crossroads. We have to strengthen the foundation of our economy, of our values, of our principles, so we have a military that is so strong we can defend freedom for ourselves and for others." -Mitt Romney
We must learn from our past if we are to succeed in the future. Americans unite and when the sleeping giant awakens we are at are strongest and can accomplish anything!

Please remember this 9/11 that we cannot stop fighting for our FREEDOM!

For Islam, the game is strictly zero sum. If American civilization thrives, then their civilization is shadowed. If people are happy here, then their own happiness is marred. If there are two towers in New York City, then that takes away from the glory of their civilization. Islam is the bitter beggar forever looking to steal what it cannot have, worrying over the imaginary history of its own greatness and cursing the upstarts in the streets of a foreign city for taking what was rightfully theirs.The American who shares his good fortune with the rest of the world cannot understand that there are some people who would rather steal than accept a gift, who would rather destroy than build and who would rather drown the world in darkness than accept someone else’s light. With difficulty he might accept the existence of a small number of people who think this way, but the notion of a civilization built in this mold is too obscene an idea for him to accept.The one thing I have never understood is the way Americans seem to refuse to accept the fact that the worst attack on the homeland since Pearl Harbor was planned, funded, carried out by Muslims, and was celebrated by Muslims around the world.Perhaps the reluctance to relate the attack to “a religion” had to do with the way whole generations of Americans since the 1960s have passed through schools that indoctrinated them to believe that America has been invading other nations wrongly, supporting allies like Israel wrongly, and deserved to be attacked because of it.Perhaps the election of a President with a Muslim name makes people reluctant to associate 9/11 with Islam?The President, Barack Hussein Obama, is the son of a Muslim father he venerates even though he deserted and divorced his mother. He became the step-son of another Muslim his mother married, spent four years growing up in Indonesia surrounded by Muslims, until he was returned to the United States to be raised by his grandparents. While growing up in Hawaii he was mentored by a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA and during his college years, a close friend was a Pakistani with whom he traveled to that nation.

The above comments by Hannelore M.

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