Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012: My thoughts, shared with an Israeli friend

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012
My thoughts on this 11th Anniversary of 9/11:
Today is the eleventh anniversary of the day Americans will never forget - 9/11.  Early morning, I posted many posters and videos, as a reminder and in memory of that day we all remember too well.  Then, I listened to the speeches and watched the survivors at each of the places where the Islamic Jihad attackers murdered not only Americans, but people from 90 countries, right here on America's soil.  With each passing year, our wounds grow deeper, as our government continues to scrape our wounds with appeasements to the very people who have bloodied their hands with their terrorist acts on America's soil.

After the memorial in Shanksville, PA, a  family member of one of the victims on Flight 93 was interviewed on Fox News. The mother contemplated why America seems so divisive today, as she remembers that America became "one" in unity immediately after 9/11.  There is no "pat" answer to her concern for America.    Her question is like asking why our Representatives in Washington cannot come to any bipartisan agreements 

Someone once said that the "people are only as good as its leaders" - whether those leaders are pastors of a church, or politicians in Washington.  

If that saying has a ring of truth to it, then that would explain why, with a liberal, socialist-type resident in our White House, those in Congress remain silent when this same "resident" taking up space in the White House makes apologies for America, when none are necessary, to Islamist nations who would rather see us dead then alive.  It would explain why our Congress (except for a very few) have allowed this president more power than he should have and does have, in by-passing Congress instead of following our own Constitutional laws.  It explains Obamacare.  It explains giving billions of dollars to Islamist nations who are storming our Embassy in Egypt today, while burning our flag!  But it does not, once again, explain to America why this administration apologies to the very people who attacked us on 9/11.  Oh, and here's another insult to America on 9/11 - OBAMA RELEASES MESSAGE TO ARAB FORUM ON 9/11

How does that make you feel, dear friends, when our "leaders" refuse to condemn those who hurt us, by twisting terrorist attacks around and apologizing to the Muslims, for fear of hurting their feelings?!  Maybe Obama and our State Department should apologize to the Muslims for all our dead soldiers, the very dust of the bodies laying on the holy ground at Ground Zero, and those who have died from beheadings and torture (beginning with Daniel Pearl, a journalist) by Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and of course, apologize for all the Christians who dared live in Islamic countries who have died, burnt alive and are imprisoned at the hands of Islamic rulers.  If America apologized to the Muslims for every attack against non-Muslims, there would not be enough time in this century, but our Islamist-Missionary in the White House thinks that is one of his responsibilities as President and no one has informed him otherwise.

And if this insult is not enough to raise the hair on your heads, today, on 9/11, Obama again insults Israel.  To say Obama has had "Israel's back" is an outright lie and anyone paying attention can run a list of his insults towards the Israeli leaders that would run the length of at least one thousand miles.  Supporters of Israel know the list, too long to run here, but the latest insult was announced earlier this afternoon, when Fox News announced that the "White House confirms Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being DENIED a meeting with Obama when he comes here next week! Obama says he has NO time to meet with him!"  (See also: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/sep/11/obama-binyamin-netanyahu-us-visit?newsfeed=true),

How many of you use "Chat" to speak with friends across the Internet - across the world?  

With the use of chat programs and cameras, some of our friends have become as close as family, since we can see and hear their voices and the only thing we cannot do is have them sit down to dinner with us!  I have such a friend, living in Israel and today, I shared some of the thoughts I have mentioned (above) with him.  He has given me permission to share our conversation with my readers.  Why?  Because it demonstrates the closeness of friends across the pond and, more importantly, it reveals how much our ally Israel thinks like most Americans Conservatives, who are fighting for our country.  Keep in mind, my friend is not a politician, speaks Hebrew and in translation, English may not be perfect but is clearly understood betwee him and me.  He's is Israeli, who loves America, and as you will read, holds some of the same concerns for America that we also hold and question.

On September 11th, my Israeli friend says:
It is mandatory for all humanity to be a partner with the United States,In sorrow of that day.We must not forget that day.
On Obama's speech:
Obama's speeches, the 11 -9, in the future, will be forgotten.But 11-9, will remain forever - as long as the world is insane.
No one claims in the United States, that America is at war with Islam.That he (Obama) is right.But Islam is in the war against the United States, and the United States should know that Obama, he is asleep.
U.S. is not at war with anyone. But Islam, the goal - permanent, will be against the U.S., and will hit again in the United States, at the first opportunity.
Obama speaks and thinks funny. Not as a leader
.  (my note: which is exactly why Americans look towards this election in Nov. as the most important election in America's history.)
Islam peaceful??It - infuriates me.So we the Israelis are the problem, when your President speaks. (my note: My friend has just verified to me that unlike reports from the White House, the Israelis do see through the words, by his actions, Obama's real character towards Israel and Israel's leaders.)
The World can not log on and tell Israel what to do ..It's not really accurate.Netanyahu said, "Who would not inhibit the ability of Iran,He has no right, to stop Israel. "This is more accurate. (my note: This comment is in reference to PM Netanyahu's report in today's YNet news -Netanyahu issues harsh response to Washington's refusal to place clear red lines before Iran, says 'The world tells Israel to wait. And I say, wait for what? Wait until when?)
 In time of crisis,You better see those friends.We discover that one president - not reliable,Factor to 50 states within, the United States, to be - so, too much power to one person. This is not democracy, of justice. This justice only of one person. Against the justice of many states in the U.S..You call this justice? This is a distortion of justice.
(my note: This comment about our president having too much power demonstrates how Israelis (including Americans) question Obama - one man's ability to go against the laws of ur states and has sued individual states over our immigration laws.  How does one man, this president, go against the "will of the people" without  the majority of Americans having the ability to stop Obama's bully tactics?  How is he able to bully and prode anyone who disagrees with his policies and agenda. Remember, the world reads Obama's comment: to Russia about being more "flexible" after elections!)  The world is not asleep and reads the same news we read - is it any wonder that our allies question what is happening within our United States?!)
 My friend and I end our conversation with his final comment:
Gave power to one person.- This is good, If the person goes by the flag of America. But let a dance to be, not at the direction of, the American belief, it is against the idea of America.,
Why, give power to one person? That force, give to the axis of a trustee,
That does not change the direction of its axis to another and does not bow to one particular religion,
The majority of its citizens see (his/Obama's actions) as a threat, after that this religion (Islam) kills the U.S. soldiers.
And to say, "Islam is not a threat," scratches the wounds of a nation, which suffered from attacks of terrorism.
He does not understand Islam and terrorism, it is the essence of the religion of peace of them
Therefore, terrorism - is the religious stuff of Islam.  They call themselves "the religion of peace", and on this way. 
In closing, the last paragraph by my friend says much about the impression the Obama administration has left on Israelis (and Americans):  My friend noticed that Obama appears to fly a flag of Islam, rather than that of the United States.  This is true, since he flies no flag but only that of an un-American zero logo.

He asks, why does Obama have so much power (again, this question arises), since he is a "trustee" of all that Americans hold dear?  He notices that Obama has changed direction (in his foreign policies) and goes against the will of the people - as my friend says, "against the majority of its citizens".  He asks, "why, when the Islam religion is responsible for the deaths of our soldiers.  He is dismayed over the new policy of not calling this war with Islam, the "War on Terror", when it is Islam that started the war with the U.S.  He ends with the same comment we make about Islam - it is NOT a "religion of peace" and on this, we agree 100%.

And I, like many Americans, are dismayed to see our government cover up the darkness of Islam, by removing its identity as the biggest threat against America's safety.  As noted, the Muslims began this war against the United States and today, we see that this war will never end, while Muslims are allowed to go against the grain of all that stands for America, including our very lives.

As for the mosque the Muslims wish to build on Ground Zero, my friend said to me, 
The biggest crime,of all is that Islam,wants to buld a mosque close to the place, that was in the past, the place of the Twin Towers.  It's insulting, that they raise their flag, (of Islam) over that of the people free (Americans). Like, after they killed the free, they are allowed to  build a temple there?  Tell your friends: Who is the killer, will not be an heir.  
We seek to honor the place.of the Towers, and it is not for scratching the wounds,Tell your friends, that we prefer buildings that symbolize purity,and not a building that reads "Allah Akbar".  ..We prefer any structure, just not from something that has murder of our loved ones.No structure, that make fun of America. The goal, to lift our heads; that says, "this is our place, a holy place, a name and place that represent the true meaning of America.  
My friend has commonsense. He has shared with me his deepest thoughts that concern many Americans today.  And our conversation was BEFORE any news of Egyptian Muslims burning our flag; (they did the same at Israel's Embassy last year!); BEFORE we received news of Obama's refusal to meet with Bibi.  All, a continuation of the Muslims expressing their continued hatred towards America (and Israel), and Obama's on-going childish behavior when it comes down to communication between himself and PM Netanyahu.

My guess is that while Obama is too busy to meet with Bibi, he will attempt to meet with the Iranian madman,Ahmadinejad.  

Why aren't we Americans as "ONE" in unity and harmony?  Because to be "one", our leaders would have to lead by first, respecting America's Constitution and secondly, her allies.  And this has not been the policy of this Administration, nor of this president.  

Today, with the deepest of sadness and a tinge of outrage, as an American, it sickens me to see our president grovel at the feet of our enemies, to appease their murderous, bloody acts against America, and on the very day when America mourns the dead at the hands of Muslims. Quit the nonsense of explaining away the fact that it was Muslims who murdered Americans on 9/11 - al-Quida was/is a Muslim terrorist organization; so are the Taliban in Afghanistan; the Hamas in Gaza; the Hezibollah in Lebanon; the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ... all MUSLIMS!

Americans do not bow to its enemies - period!

How many 9/11 Muslim attackers came from Saudi?