Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Aren't There More Jews

By Bernie on 12 Sep 2012
Three thousand years ago, according to the census of King David, there were a little over 5,000,000 Jews in the United Kingdom of Israel.
Today, according to the CIA World Factbook, there are about 5.7 million Jews in Israel.
So it took about three thousand years to get 700,000 more Jews into Israel.
Worldwide there are only perhaps 14 million Jews [2010 Jewish Virtual Library].
Of course we know that many Jews were killed by the Romans, the Greeks, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Germans, the Poles, the Russians, and by others, but that still doesn't explain why there aren't hundreds of millions of Jews today. The answer: Islam.
Two thousand years ago, according to the German historian and archaeologist Theodor Mommsen, there were 1,000,000 Jews in Egypt, 1/8th of that country's entire population at the time. After almost 1400 years of living under the kind and gentle hand of Islam, there remain fewer than a hundred Jews in Egypt today. That's 100. Not a 100 thousand nor a 100 million.
Two thousand years ago, according to the German historian Adolf von Harnack, there were 1,000,000 Jews in Syria. Almost 1400 years after the Muslim conquest of Syria, there remain fewer than a hundred Jews in Syria today.
Even though Christian Europe, from the 13th to the 16th centuries, expelled their Jews, Jews remained Jews until they emigrated to Muslim countries.
At first, Muslim rulers were tolerant of their dhimmis, but as the centuries passed, the tolerance turned to oppression. Contrary to popular myths spread by modern day Muslims, life as a dhimmi was excruciatingly cruel. If your father, in order to keep his job or avoid torturous dhimmi taxes, converted to Islam, then you as a son could not inherit from him unless you, too, converted to Islam.
If a poor dhimmi could not pay al-jizya (the tax on non-Muslims), then the family would be forced to give up their children to the Muslim state as payment. Of course, the children would be sold as slaves or converted to Islam and then used as cannon-fodder to fight in Islamic wars where more infidels would be conquered and eventually converted to Islam.
millions of muslims
Flickr User: Lubaib Gazir
And so the world today is burdened with a billion and a half Muslims and not enough Jews. In the dozens of lands of the Muslims we find only ignorance and intolerance where the populations have slowly become almost entirely Muslim.
However, in the one land of the Jews we find one of the most innovative [see my article Israel Creates more in One Month than Islam in a Century] and tolerant countries in the world, where almost a quarter of the country is not Jewish at all. Israel is home to more than two million, mostly Arab, non-Jews.
Because of Islam, the world is filled with poverty, disease, violence and ignorance and less filled with Jews.
With a population of a billion and a half, Islam has turned out a paltry four Muslims who have won the Nobel Prize in Science or literature. Jews, from a population more than a hundred times smaller, have won 174 - see my article Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes. If Jews were as plentiful as Muslims what a wonderful world of creativity and innovation there would be.