Sunday, September 2, 2012

DNC Erecting Creepy Giant Obama Sculpture

Posted by  Bio ↓ on Aug 31st, 2012

Forget the marble pillars, this time there will be a giant 16-foot sculpture of Obama made out of 15.5 tons of sand at the Democratic National Convention. Building a giant sand sculpture of a living leader might be considered a bit tacky with its worshipful implications, but building one during a hurricane in South Carolina is in particularly bad taste.
But if nothing else, at least Obama has found one “Shovel Ready Project”. And this isn’t even the creepiest giant Obama sand sculpture ever made. The winner of that particular competition is still Sudarsan Pattnaik with this nightmare made out of sand.



You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up!

"As sand sculpture firm “Team Sandtastic” put the finishing touches on a 16-foot sculpture of President Barack Obama outside of the EpiCentre in Charlotte, N.C., Sand Obama made a command appearance on Twitter right on schedule."

DNC Workers Erect Creepy Obama Sand Sculpture …Update: Rain Washes Mt. Obama Away

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, September 1, 2012, 12:41 PM

Don’t look now but Democrats just erected a sand sculpture of failed President Obama for the DNC this week.

Even the smile is creepy. (Citizen Journalist)
Give it up, libs.
Citizen Journalist reported:
At the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, they will have pictures of such American icons as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore.
Apparently President Obama has such a high opinion of himself that there is also a sand sculpture of him, erected at the DNC at the EpiCentre entertainment complex, seemingly in imitation of Mount Rushmore. It consists of 15 tons of sand trucked in from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
This raises interesting questions, such as how much must this have cost? What was the effect on the beach, environmentally? And how big an ego do you have to have to try to imitate Mount Rushmore while you are still a sitting president?
Let the jokes begin! Shovel ready job, house built on sand, no graven images, etc.
More… Gary Gross added this:
Jim, It’s appropriate that the D’s built the Obama sculpture, especially from a biblical standpoint. I think the parable of the man who built his house on sand vs. the man who who built his on solid rock is particularly fitting in this instance.
UPDATE: Bummer. The rain washed Mt. Obama away.