Thursday, September 6, 2012


Photo: The Democrats keep bringing up how they have so much more respect for women, and THIS is the man they are having as one of their main speakers!
Bee's Note:  Watched a great movie this evening and missed Clinton's speech.  Well, actually, I didn't miss anything, as I hadn't planned on listening to more propaganda and lies from those standing on stage at the DNC.  
However, I did happen to catch the vote on the floor to amend the language to their Platform to re-add the Name and Jerusalem - their vote actually appeared split down the middle even though it was passed. 

I loved the sign one lady held - "American Muslims" and another lady holding a sign, "Arab American Democrat", while shaking their heads and screaming "No": just another example of Obama's "leadership" which leans towards the Muslim world - a world that consists of countries that haven't a clue what it means to be a democracy and therefore, just about as un-American as you get.  I realize this may be new to newly arrived immigrants, but if you are American, there is no need to hold up signs stating you are "Arab/Muslim American";  here, in the United States, a simple Democrat or Republican sign is all that is necessary to demonstrate your Party's choice.

Rumor has it that when Obama is voted out of office, he and Michele plan on living in a multi-Million dollar house in Hawaii.  Why Hawaii?  Surely, Mr. President, you and your family could do so much good for the people (your cousins/brother) if you moved to Kenya and helped out the entire country. (Of course, I hope you are able to help them better than you've helped America.) (Photo: Obama's half brother in Kenya)

Or, you might feel more comfortable living among the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. I'm sure they would welcome you with open arms after all those BILLIONS of DOLLARS you enjoy gifting them!
But, this is getting off subject: back to the NDC and Clinton's memory loss.  Here is's summary of his speech:


 5 Sep 2012, 8:29 PM PDT

Bill Clinton was off his game tonight in one of the longest nomination speeches in the history of humankind. 
The former president began his DNC speech mocking the the very idea of self empowerment and individual success. After seeming to imply that he could work better with compromise than the man he was nominating, he launched into his trademark rhetoric:
In Tampa, we heard a lot of talk about how the President and the Democrats don't believe in free enterprise and individual initiative, how we want everyone to be dependent on the government, how bad we are for the economy.
We Democrats think the country works better with a strong middle class, real opportunities for poor people to work their way into it and a relentless focus on the future, with business and government working together to promote growth and broadly shared prosperity. We think "we're all in this together" is a better philosophy than "you're on your own."
Unfortunately for Clinton, the facts work against him. Under Barack Obama, more people than ever before have been reduced to government dependency. Offering meager entitlements in exchange for a chunk of self sovereignty is not only bad for the economy, it's antithetical to the spirit with which America was founded. 
Clinton tried to claim credit on behalf of the Democrats concerning jobs and touted his own record -- that wasn't possible without a Republican controlled-congress which passed welfare reform and balanced the budget in spite of him, not because of him. 
Clinton attacked the tea party: 

Unfortunately, the faction that now dominates the Republican Party doesn't see it that way. They think government is the enemy, and compromise is weakness.
I don't get it: either the tea party is dead or it's all-powerful and controls the GOP. If the Republican party is dominated by the tea party, why is their presidential candidate a moderate? 
Clinton remarked that Obama has done wonders for our economy: 
I like the argument for President Obama's re-election a lot better. He inherited a deeply damaged economy, put a floor under the crash, began the long hard road to recovery, and laid the foundation for a modern, more well-balanced economy that will produce millions of good new jobs, vibrant new businesses, and lots of new wealth for the innovators. Are we where we want to be? No. Is the President satisfied? No. Are we better off than we were when he took office, with an economy in free fall, losing 750,000 jobs a month. The answer is YES.
Let's see: 
We're better off? Really?
Clinton tried to shift the blame to Bush. Again, the facts do not support Clinton's assertions: