Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anti-Semitism of the United Nations (video)

Bee's note:
Unfortunately, the propaganda against the Jewish people and Israel does not stop at the gates of the United Nations.  The Arab Spring has turned into a long, Arab Winter; democracy for Egypt has been exchanged for a newly elected President demanding full dictatorship; Syria's President is prepared to wipe out his own people with chemical weapons; what happened to American diplomats and Navy Seals on 9/11, in Libya, is still unresolved and covered up; and while the entire Middle East is aflame with Islamic terrorists roaming the streets freely, our very own Hillary Clinton focuses in on Israel's right to build on their own land:

Rumor has it that Hillary may plan to run for "President' in 2016.  I hope everyone reading this post will remember that she is and has been for the past four years, the woman who has done the work of BHO - constantly condemning Israel, while ignoring the plight of the non-Muslims throughout the Middle Eastern countries, at the hands of Islamic dictators and terrorist organizations. In Anne's Opinions, please read her brief commentary: 

Murder and Mayhem in the Middle East – but it’s Israeli houses that upset the world