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Minister Ya'alon Walla!: "Right now, Israel is not committed to the agreements'

 By: Tal his Walla News 
Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 20:08
(note: translated from Hebrew)

 Deputy Prime Minister made it clear that once the authority has acted unilaterally, Israel "abides by its own interests." The United States: "do not have to agree on everything." Olmert: "driven by political considerations"

"In the current situation in Israel is not committed to the agreements and understandings, but acts according to its interests," he said tonight (Tuesday) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon. While other countries continue to summon Israeli ambassadors talks Highlights and reprimand following the Israeli decision to expand construction in the settlements, Yaalon dismissed the strong international criticism. "We knew to be a reaction of the American administration and the European countries regarding construction in the settlements," he explained in an interview Walla! News"This is also their consistent policy - to condemn and oppose any Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. Decided that our right to build anywhere, according to our interests. All topics discussed and the implications are clear."

"The move of Abu Mazen is a blatant violation of all agreements with us."  Ya'alon (Photo: Yotam Frum)
"The move of Abu Mazen is a blatant violation of all agreements with us." Ya'alon (Photo: Yotam Frum)

International outrage directed mainly Israel's decision to advance planning E1 region connecting Jerusalem and Maale Adumim, unlike unwritten understandings of previous prime ministers with the U.S. government not to build in the area, a move it difficult to establish a continuous future Palestinian state. According to Deputy Prime Minister, the unilateral move of Abu Mazen has created a situation in which Israel does not consider itself bound than those understandings. "Abbas's move is a flagrant violation of all agreements with us. Unfortunately, it happened by the UN and some European countries including the bridesmaids were these agreements Palestinian supportive," said Yaalon. "The world must understand that Israel absorbed the message is that we rely on agreements . It took a very bad future, and in this situation we are committed to the agreements and understandings, and we follow our interests. "

"Olmert and Livni are running bash us in the world"

Yaalon slammed the former prime minister, Ehud Olmert, and chairman of the party "movement", Tzipi Livni, and rejected criticism of the Prime Minister following the controversial decision. "one of the most difficult problems the international forefront of this phenomenon as ministers. If the program sounds like what Europeans would not do it? "Wondered Ya'alon." We have this internal political event, and Europeans came to us.Rather than stand united front to the world and to explain the Palestinian refusal - that they have experienced it, and we know that, at this time they run bash us in the world. "

"Motivated by political considerations."  Olmert and Livni (Photo: GPO)
"Motivated by political considerations." Olmert and Livni (Photo: GPO)

"Rather an open conflict."  Mahmoud Abbas at the UN (Photo: AP)
"Rather an open conflict." Mahmoud Abbas at the UN (Photo: AP)
"Former prime minister, was interviewed while Abu Mazen's speech, accusing the Prime Minister of Israel and refusal, as different facts, does not preclude national interests but by political considerations," Ya'alon explained. "The four years we offer to Abbas to sit down at the negotiating table, we froze construction, we were ready to answer the letter American, we were ready to respond to the initiative of the Quartet, we drove to Amman - but the Palestinians fled that Abbas does not want the political process - is better than the open conflict . convenient for him to go to places like the United Nations, but it only gives a statement, it does not change the situation on the ground. "
Despite criticism from the outside, Yaalon dismissed the claims about political crisis with the United States and Europe. "We heard before Operation Nube, Obama will come with Netanyahu account and saw predictions proved false after positive U.S. involvement in the operation," said Minister Ya'alon. "Strategic relationship between Israel U.S. deep and based on interests. we do not have to agree on everything. we disagree about the settlement, but other issues such as Gaza and Iran are joining forces in earnest. regarding settlement we know from the outset that we disagree. "

Syria: 'Israel is not alone in this matter "

"Americans received information in recent days that suspicious activity."  Obama (Reuters)
"Americans received information in recent days that suspicious activity." Obama (Reuters)
As well as to criticism from European countries, Ya'alon said that "these countries are still friendly. Friendship never examined one issue. We regret the position they are taking but we have open channels to discuss our differences." Ya'alon said that he is convinced visit has international will not have any impact on international support for the struggle Iran's nuclear program. "There is no connection between the Palestinian cause in Iran," he stressed. "Anyone who has tried to make that connection, he realized it was a mistake. While the Iranian threat dealt with, will be easier to deal with other issues in the region and it will be difficult for our enemies in Gaza and Lebanon to provoke us."
Growing concern regarding the world against the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, Ya'alon said that "hypotheses are chemical arsenal falling into the hands of hostility and responsible as the Al - Qaeda or other terrorist groups." "The Americans recently received information that suspicious activity, so there was a warning to the U.S.. Past has been clear messages to Assad several occasions and in response to Assad have really picked up the weapon and separated materials." Yaalon reported yesterday refused to comment on the American magazine "Atlantic", in which Israel asked Jordan "green light" to attack Syria chemical weapons facilities , but stressed that "Israel is not alone in this matter., but Israel as a whole, must be ready to defend itself by itself.'s not the case now. "

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