Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bee Sting's Note:  I apologize for not blogging here as regular as I once did.  Like many Conservatives, November 6th Election Day was a black day in America's history.  Giving BHO a "second" term by 51% has put many of us in shock.  I had refused to believe that so many or our citizens were blinded to the false promises of Barak HUSSEN Obama.  Some joke that Romney's promise to put Americans back to work was actually his "undoing", as those millions receiving Federal Aid don't want the Glory Train of Entitlements to end.  Little do they realize that nothing is "free" and the costs associated with this last election will forever be branded as America's great loss - loss of freedom, of our liberties, and (heaven forbid), the very foundation of our nation being ripped to shreds by our leaders in Washington who were sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution!

We have all handled our disappointment since November 6th differently.  Some true warriors have continued non-stop, posting daily; while others, like myself, have had to take a step back and recoup.  How do I restore a sense of balance in my life?  Not since the Civil War, has America faced such dark clouds looming off into the not too distant future?  This blog was never about "me"; the purpose has always been to post news that demonstrated the failed foreign policies of the administration and how such failures impact the world.  Brilliant writers/authors have had their articles posted here daily and my first thought after November 6th was 'America is doomed".  Doomed to 4 more years of more of the same; doomed to watch a President of the United States continue onward (not "forward") with policies that are dangerous to the very security to the United States and that of our allies around the world.

Obama demonstrates since the elections that nothing has changed.  His sarcastic, pompous attitude towards members of Congress seeking answers to the debt crisis, the uproar in Egypt over President Morsi's decision to become the "new" Dictator of Egypt; the truth about the horrific tortures and deaths of our men in Benghazi; or the latest move by the United Nations to vote in favor of the Palestinians have not raised an eyebrow of this President.  That vote by the UN, by the way, was not a vote for a two-state solution.  It was a vote for a "FINAL" SOLUTION.  And Hillary is using the same propaganda as the Palestinians, by condemning Israel for building on their own land.  So much for this administration supporting Israel!  

While away from my computer, I have had time to focus more on my family; turned the news off long enough to stop hearing Obama's daily rants on the TV; ) - does he think he's still campaigning?! I have had time to speak with friends, as we encouraged each other about what lies ahead; took longer walks and breathed in fresh air; and worked on my daily newspaper (see below).  I decided to invest not just time, but money, into making the newspaper my priority.  Why?  Because it is impossible to keep up with breaking news here, by myself.  The quickest way to post "Breaking" news is to post it on the newspaper.  That does not mean to say I will abandon this blog, as some things are just too important and/or interesting that need to last longer than a day or two, for others to either read or listen to from a video.

I hope you will take a moment to check out the link (below) and if you should want it to appear in your E-mails daily, simply register as a "subscriber" on the news link.  Thank you, everyone, for taking time to stop by here to check things out.  May the next four years be covered under His most holy grace and mercy, for we won't receive encouragement or comfort for what this administration has in store for these United States.