Friday, June 21, 2013

Distract, Distract, Distract: 2003 All Over Again

June 21, 2013
by Mark Allen
Strange times these are indeed. The current Presidential Administration has been on the frying pan for a long time now, dodging political bullets and covering up their sins against America. Attorney General Eric Holder, who is fighting not one but two nasty scandals is a man who, in 1995, said “we need to brainwash people”, referring to the liberal assault on the American People known as gun control. First he was caught illegally smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels on taxpayer money. Then, with that issue still to this day unresolved, he was caught illegally spying on American journalists who criticized the President.

 New evidence points to a possible gun trafficking operation in Benghazi, Libya, where four outstanding Americans, including two Navy SEALs and an Ambassador, were killed by al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists. The entire White House, Presidential Administration and State Department lied to the American People about what took place there, and not one of the politicians in charge have taken responsibility for it. This doozy of a scandal is so preposterous that we don’t even know what’s worse; Our government suspiciously allowing Americans to die, a possible false flag operation, or them lying about it to us. Ignorance must be bliss for the liberal crowd, who considers former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s outburst “What difference does it matter anyway?!” a resolution. The unnerving idea that our government could be in cahoots with al-Qaeda in Libya sounds much more plausible now that we know what is happening in nearby Syria.

 Now, our government is foolishly getting more involved in a far-away civil war, supplying weapons, money and aid to our sworn enemies, al-Qaeda, and picking a fight with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Obama, who never loses an opportunity to slander his predecessor, is following in former President Bush’s footsteps, and escalating tensions in a Middle Eastern civil war that has nothing to do with America. Perhaps the President has forgotten the many times he has referred to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as “reckless and misguided wars”. President Obama has decided that Americans will fund our sworn enemies, al-Qaeda in their fight to take down the Syrian government. You heard that right; the President is funding the jihadists that brought down the Twin Towers and have killed thousands of American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. I say President, because Obama has completely overridden Congress and the Constitution to enter wars himself, just like the Democrats accused President Bush of doing in 2003.

 They tried to expose us gradually to treason, first by funding the overthrow of the Egyptian government, and replacing it with the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, Obama is taking matters into his own hands and completely overriding the American People, who are strongly opposed to US involvement in Syria, to enter into a dangerous conflict with massive ramifications. Iran is sending troops and Russia is supplying weapons in support of the current Syrian government, and Obama wants to support their enemies (and ironically our enemies too!) and threaten World War Three. Suspicious?

 Of course it is, unless you’re one of the “useful idiots” our President relies on for unconditional support. The past few months have been an absolute feast for Obama critics, and a nightmare for freedom-loving American citizens. The government has failed to hide their many, many breaches of trust with the People, and have been shamelessly lying and shouting “Racist!” in their desperate, pitiful defense. Now that the stakes are at their highest, and the relationship between the Federal Government and the People most strained, our President has pulled the ultimate wild card as a last-ditch attempt to prolong his stay in office. Escalating American involvement in the Syrian civil war provides zero benefit to the American People, and foolishly draws us into an all-hell-breaks-loose scenario with Russia and Iran. The only reason our Government could possibly have for doing so is to distract from domestic problems. The “domestic problems” happen to be unprecedented, immoral and illegal attacks on our Constitution, our privacy and our freedom.

 The government’s new strategy is to “distract, distract, distract”, and we must counter-attack, by staying true and watching closely. We, the American People, must now more than ever remain vigilant.


Mark Allen is a United States Army Veteran. He served as an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne: He is The Warrior of Wit, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, and a true All-American Freedom Fighter.