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 21 Jun 2013

According to a tweet from Wikileaks and Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of the liberal site BuzzFeed Politics, not long before his death in a one-person car crash earlier this week, left-wing journalist Michael Hastings believed he was under investigation by the FBI.

Friday, the FBI denied it had ever investigated Hastings.
Immediately after the news of the 33-year-old reporter's death broke, conspiracy theories started to swirl claiming that the government was behind the fiery crash. The Wikileaks' tweet and Smith's apparent confirmation only served to fuel those theories.
As of now, though, the LAPD does not suspect foul play and the evidence points to speed being the major cause of the 4:30 am accident.
A toxicology report is expected in a few weeks. Hastings had a history of drunk-driving and admitted to struggling with substance abuse.
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Bee's Note:
OK, I do have a question.  How is it that this car supposedly "hit a tree", but the tree is standing without a split in it and it's surely not lying on the ground (or over the rooftop of the car?!  I have witnessed a car hitting a tree, and the car and tree did not look like this photo!  That car looks like a missile hit it - same type photos taken of cars hit by missiles in Gaza.  

But, that's just my opinion and as the next article (below) explains, there is very little trust between this government and its people!  Too many "coincidental" deaths occurring during this administration.  (Breitbart comes to mind; he was also only 33 years of age).  Oh, and then there are the stories about two navy seals falling out of a helicopter during training; and the 20 Seals blown out of the sky in Afghanistan (who just happened to have been involved in the bin Laden incident in Pakistan).  Anyone care to connect the dots?!  
Michael Hastings Dead After Telling WikiLeaks “I’m being Investigated by the FBI”
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Award-winning freelance journalist Michael Hastings died on Tuesday at the age of 33 after a 4:30 a.m. car crash in Los Angeles. Initial reports indicate that he was alone when his vehicle “hit a tree” while traveling at a high rate of speed according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office. Astonishingly – according to a tweet made by WikiLeaks, the accident occurred just a few short hours after Hastings had been in contact with their lawyer informing her that he was being investigated by the FBI: ....
Hastings, who won a 2010 George Polk award for his “reporting in the public interest,” was well known for his coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2010 he interviewed Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, then the top commander of United States forces in Afghanistan. Hastings’ report quoted the general and his staff as being critical of the Obama administrations handling of those conflicts. Just days later U.S. President Barack Obama called McChrystal to his office and fired him on the spot. - 
 The scope of his work combined with the timing of the fatal accident and the content of his final message to WikiLeaks are points which are  sure to raise warranted suspicions among theorists of legitimate government conspiracy – during a time when the federal gestapo is less worthy of trust than at any point in our history. Rest in peace. -