Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 OCTOBER 2011Turkey tells Israel to take a hikeTurkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan would rather fellow Turks die than accept help from the offspring of apes, which is Muslim-speak for Jews.
That shows the depths of Muslim hatred for Jews. It also shows what the Turks think of their alliance with Israel. Yes, this is the region of the Arab Spring. The Jews are world-class emergency workers. You expected they would be, didn't you?  Every time there's an emergency Israel sends help. But that didn't matter to the ever more devout Turks. They'd rather embrace Hamas terrorists whose stated aim is to erase Israel from the map and to drive every Jew into the sea.
The damage from the earthquake is significant 360 432 dead and 1300 1352 injured  (late news) so far and climbing; tens of thousands homeless with winter coming on; 2,260 collapsed buildings in the city of Van, near the Iranian border; and over 200 aftershocks as high as 5.7 have shaken the area. Undoubtedly more buildings will collapse, leaving more dead and homeless. Still the Turks find Jewish help repugnant.
Though civilized people find this degree of hate to be almost unimaginable, Muslims accept it as completely normal. After all, Allah has cursed the Jews. Mohamed on his death bed prayed that Allah would continue to curse the Jews. Muslims are required to ape the actions of Mohamed because he was the perfect model for humans, according to Allah. That kind of authority would make it hard to be nice to Jewish folks, right?
The evil of Islam is spreading. Nowhere it goes or has gone has prospered. Islam does not bring peace, prosperity, or protection for human rights. Egypt will be a sharia state in a few years. Libya declared itself to be sharia a few days ago. Tunisia has elected a sharia government. Yemen is next. Each victory of sharia strengthens the resolve of devout Muslims.
The leaders of the West do not understand the danger. Muslims are commanded not to integrate into non-Muslim societies. They are commanded to fight non-Muslims until they accept Islam or pay protection money and accept a near slavery to Islam, or are slain to the raucous cries of Allahu Akbar, which does not mean God is Great but rather Allah is Greater.  Allah is greater than your God.
The line that Allah and Jehovah are the same is just more guff from Muslims.
To all the Turks under the debris of their civilization awaiting help my heart goes out to you. I know it would make precious little difference to you if your rescuer was a Jew. Impending death tends to clarify a mind, even a Muslim one. But if no one comes, at least you died for your Allah.
It is Almost Midnight in the West. Daily, Islam is infesting more and more of our culture. Soon all criticism will be banned. If the FBI is stopped from calling a spade a spade because Muslims are offended, how long before our rulers stop you and me?
We dare not lose the War for Civilization.