Friday, October 28, 2011

BREAKING: American Defense League German Admin Arrested by German Federal Police

No to political correctness! Islam is evil!

The American Defense League (ADL) has administrators located all around the world and our German admin was arrested yesterday.  Muslims murder Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buhddists, Taoists, Atheists, Agnostics, and even other Muslims.  If you criticize Islam, the philosophy which not only impels but demands violence, you put yourself at risk.
American Defense League (ADL)Muslims have succeeded in convincing the world that they need protection even though they are the aggressors.  They have persuaded tiny minded politically correct liberals and governments to make it a crime to criticize Islam.
A couple of Winston Churchill quotes seem appropriate:
“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
“If you are going through hell, keep going.”
“Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”
Here is his first hand account of the arrest and questioning of our German administrator, in his own words:
On Thursday morning Oct. 27 2011 the German Federal Police knocked on my door to search my home for evidence about spreading hate threat and racism against Muslims.
They accused me of spreading defamatory documents and articles about Islam and spreading hate threat against a religious minority.
They confiscated my PC and hard drives and questioned me for a couple of hours.
Because the language of my website is English they were very suspicious and didn’t want to believe there was no hate threat or racism on the site.
They had to organize a sworn English-German interpreter which took a lot of time. Because of this bullying I refused to speak German and only spoke English pretending this was more convenient to me.
They were trying to tell they had enough evidence that with my actions on Facebook and on my website I was insulting the Muslim community and insulting Islam as a religion, mind you, without any knowledge of Islam.
Since Islam is a “religon of peace”, complaints had been coming in from the Muslim Community in my home town.
Using my own website by just clicking on the right articles and help of my interpreter I tried to convince them of my integrity.
To convince them I’m not racist at all was very easy because of my background and my Jewish soul. 
Being born in the far East form Indonesian parents, it was very easy to propound this. I don’t even look like an “√úbermensch” or Aryan with blond hair and blue eyes.
Nevertheless the German Fed have filed an accusation for the earlier mentioned allegations.
I picked up my PC this morning and I thanked the Fed for copying my drives and installing spy ware on my PC.
Just have to wait now for my appearance in court. This will take a long time though.

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Real Americans Stand with Israel is linked to Nick van Riel's "Apostates and Infidels" website. Apostates and Infidels contains a tremendous amount of information on Islam for all of us "kuffars" (infidels).  Islam continues its most dangerous, bloody, on-going war today and no where in the world are non-Muslims allowed to feel safe in their homes, cities, workplaces - not while the ideology of Islam is allowed to creep into modern day society with its 7th Century teachings. Where they do not commit outright murder, they attempt to silence those who speak the truth through a method known as "silent" Jihad - such as, causing bloggers to be arrested for speaking out against the teachings of Islam.

Islam contradicts the Constitution of the United States.  America was not founded under sharia laws - our founding fathers gave us the Constitution of the United States and that alone is the "American Way" - not Islam's way.  America has had to listen to a president these past three years apologize for America to the world of Islam.  This one man, BHO, the President of the US, has deliberately shamed every single American who understands the price paid for our liberty and freedoms - none of which were contributed to by Islam!

When former President Bush first referred to Islam as a "religion of peace" immediately after 9/11, he apparently had hoped to defuse the anger Islamic countries held against the West.  Islam immediately used that slogan to promote their one ambition, which is to take over every land they emigrate to, including the United States and implement sharia law.  It is happening throughout the European nations; through the Arab risings in the Middle East; and yes, here in America, step by step.  

This is why those who speak the "politically incorrect" truth, like Nick's blog at Apostates and Infidels are under attack!  The Muslims use every trick in their book to cause confusion, and they no longer conceal their animosity towards non-Muslims.  If they are enabled, freedom of speech as we know it here in America will be stifled and more blogs speaking the truth about Islam will be forced to shut down.  What has happened in Germany is not too distant from what will happen here, in the West, unless America's leaders recognize the enemy, stop hiding its names by removing them from terrorists listings throughout our federal government organizations, and most importantly, Americans need to vote in 2012 for a president who will stand up and do all in his/her power, with Congress, to stop the spread of Islamic rule within our borders.

Lastly, as I have asked before, I will ask again:  Will someone name one Islamic country that does not hold fast to the out-dated ideology of Islam's sharia laws?  Laws that bind its citizens to slavery, torture, be-headings, Jihad and suicide bombings, false imprisonment, hostage taking, cutting off of limbs, simply because they have learned how to hate - a sickening hate that eats at their very heart and minds - a hate that teaches young children that same cancerous hatred generation after generation - and the ideology that is the root cause of all terrorism throughout this world.  What happened to Apostates and Infidel's Director in Germany is a prime example of how "tolerant" Islam is towards freedom of speech.

How dare any leader of the United States, announce to the world that "Islam has contributed to the growth of America!"  How dare him lie to the world - lies that have caused even our enemies to mock the United States as a "weak" gullible nation!  Americans will have more to be concerned about within the next 12 months than the economy.  What is happening throughout the Middle East and recently, Libya, is a taste of Islam, at its finest - a barbarian way of life that cannot live among a modern day society or civilization.

Enough said ............. (for now!).