Thursday, October 27, 2011

To the US Ambassador to Israel ....

United States Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro Photo: AFP
Often, the comments to news articles are more "telling" then the article.  Here are a few responses to YNets headline: "US: Freeze settlement construction to help hinder PA bid":

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US: Freeze settlement construction to help hinder PA bid    Attila Somfalvi
1. The twisted logic of a twisted mind
....and extremely naive.
Robert ,  Australia (10.27.11)
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2. 1-Very.
Ypip ,  Canada (10.27.11)
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3. Face smash
More than Israel, it is US strategists whose arrogant faces are getting crushed under dignity and Jealousy bulldozer.
common guy ,  china (10.27.11)
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4. Spare your words Mr. CLOWN...!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,  Bayerisch Gmain Germ (10.27.11)
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5. Why Meet Yishai?
The answer was already preordained so what was the purpose of the meeting?. And Yishai is one of the people in the Israeli Government who likes to think he is the PM---he is certainly not a diplomat (and not the PM either)
leo ,  nyc (10.27.11)
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6. housing
And the truth is out.The USA will do any dirty action to stop building in Israel !!!! SHAPERO the US anbassedor has let the cat out the bag Now the arab vote in the defunct UN for stopping building in Israel. Tell america to get stuffed.
colin (10.27.11)
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7. Mr Shapiro
Mr Shapiro I am europian and I am very happy to hear about the plan to build 4000 housing units in the area of Givat Hamotos. And I hope the Israelis fill up the whole Eretz Israel with their homes.
AH ,  finland (10.27.11)
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8. Is this a definate offer or just more pushing Israel
Can America guarantee that the PA will pull out of their UN bid for a settlement freeze? Can we have that in writing? And will it be payment after the fact, ie Israel will do a building freeze once the PA has withdrawn it's UN bid? Talk to us when you have something to offer, not just when you want to bully us again.
rebecca ,  Modiin (10.27.11)
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9. #5; leo, Poor Excuse
Leo, any settlement freeze would be a waste of time. As we saw with BiBi who almost immediately after taking office ordered a 10 month freeze. What did the Pals do with this gesture for peace? Simple it was taken as a sign of weakness and Abbas began to pursue many more "preconditions" just to sit down for "indirect" talks with Israel. Laughable when you think about it. The Middle East is a tough neighborhood. Like in any big city here in the USA, common courtesy and consideration are viewed as weakness, not strength. As we all saw in the so called "Arab Spring" only brute force is respected. When Gaddafi laid in a sewer begging for his life the "rebels" beat him with shoes to humiliate him, and then shot him in cold blood (not that I care, I don't). The idea that Pals really want peace is a fantasy. Simply part of a phase plan to destroy Israel. Like when Israel left Gaza, it rather quickly turned into a launching pad to attack Israel. Any other country would have laid waste to Gaza rather than absorb almost 10,000 rocket and mortar attacks. So your trivial point about Yishai, it simply is a personal attack that fails to take realty into account.
Mark from Georgia ,  USA (10.27.11)
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No peace without FULL withdrawal from east Jerusalem. This must be said loud and clear to Eli Yishai.
Salma ,  Palestine (10.27.11)
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11. #5 - We need STATESMEN not diplomats
M ,  Yerushalayim, Israel (10.27.11)
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12. #10 We don't need your "peace" -
So please don't waste our time
m (10.27.11)
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13. Tell US to try harder, not arm twisting Israel.
Gabe ,  Canada (10.27.11)
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14. learning from the Masters
The Egyptians are master extortionists, kidnapping Grapel to get concessions from US and Israel. Obama has learned from the Egyptians. Hopefully Netanyahu will be smart enough to stop fighting Hamas in Judea and Samaria unless Obama starts giving Israel some respect. The worst that will happen? No Dayton's army and US puppet Abbas living in Switzerland with all the money he stole.
Israel Israeli ,  Tel Aviv (10.27.11)
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15. no. either us acts honorably and in its interest or nothing
what crap is this. either agreements and un stands for something or we were right all along. its time to implement eu turkey deal.
ralph (10.27.11)
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16. US: Freeze
Mr Shapiro get stuffed
Sitting Bull ,  U S A (10.27.11)
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17. Status Quo
Yeah right! Let's just keep on shall we? What do we care? The whole world's against us and they can go to hell. We're free to do as we please. It costs us nothing? Obama is an Arab and BibiYahu's got another fine speech ready and loads of Republicans and Evangelist friends queuing up, to keep us on Metzada.
Ussishkin ,  Tel Aviv Israel (10.27.11)
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18. Release Pollard & then we will talk.
Otherwise we will build, build & build some more.
Wise Saba ,  Ma'agalim (10.27.11)
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19. What a clown!!
Please Mr Shapiro, spare us of our demands. The land is ours and we build everywhere we want. Your duty is to protect Israel, our duty is to redeem our land. So, do your job, vote against the bid and be quiet. The rest is up to us here.
Ricardo Macher ,  Karnei Shomron IL (10.27.11)
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20. #12
f you don't want it, neither do we
Salma ,  Palestine (10.27.11)
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21. Better: freeze Pal attacks in return for settlement freeze
Let's see the Palestinians stick to that one. Hah! Could the Palestinians go a month without firing a rocket, shooting a bullet at an Israeli civilian, or setting off a bomb. I doubt it. That's why the Americans won't even try that kind of formula - it would reveal that the Palestinians really aren't peace partners.
Brian Cohen ,  Judean Peoples Front (10.27.11)
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22. Blackmail
Sorry Mr. Shapiro, Israel does not give in to blackmail.... ummm... unless of course you are a properly registered terrorist organization....
Rube Vogel ,  Jerusalem (10.27.11)
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23.  Europeans direct their complaints at the US.
I wonder why ;) ,...
split ,  US (10.27.11)
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24. NO to Blackmail
If they resort to blackmail, Israel can tell Obama to go to Hell.
Brod ,  USA (10.27.11)
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25. #21 brian - Excellent Point.
solomon ,  bklyn (10.27.11)
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26. US: You'll do it because it's in your interest to do it.
Noodles ,  Coney Island (10.27.11)
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27. Its our capital, and its ONLY been our capital for 3000 year
years since King David of the Tanach. Should we ask you not to allow people to build in DC? This is crazy and the more you support anti semitic laws such as not selling land to Jews, not giving Jews citizenship (most arab countries do this), the more you set up a hate filled world full of moral inconsistencies.
Hippocrates ,  Earth (10.27.11)
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28. Freezing prevents peace, not promotes
Its this typical backwards logic that has prevented peace from occuring. Hold the PA responsible. Tell them to negotiate or go away, back to Amman. Stop trying to create a place for a people that dont want it and dont want peace. IF the Quartet would hold the arabs accountable for ANYTHING peace can be acheived. Stop catering and start leading!
David ,  Boston, USA (10.27.11)
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29. #5: Shapiro already spoke to the PM
who told him that he has to talk to Eli Yishai about any sort of freezing. He is only the PM, unlike Obama the emperor.
Israeli 2 (10.27.11)
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30. Israel will not stop building its state
US can obstain if it feels such a move is in its interests.
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