Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Arab Winter: Inside the Hornet’s Nest This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Mr. Campaigner-in-Chief ... 
the face of arrogance!

Americans "can't wait" until 2012 elections ...
WHEN we can officially say, "So long" to this One-Term Disaster.

OCTOBER 28, 2011 B 
Anyone who had one moment thinking that this Libyan invasion by the Obama-Clinton Regime authorized by the globalist manipulator and nation destroyer George Soros-funded Responsibility To Protect Doctrine was going to be a good thing definitely needs their heads read.  Of course, whoever thought that those who sit in the White House had any foresight whatsoever, unless, of course, chaos was their endgame.  Revolutionaries who want to fundamentally transform America like the Obama ilk are great at tearing things down however when it comes to building anything up they are numbskulls.
Tunisia and Egypt, and now Libya, are the precursors to what we are going to have to come up against in our future war of civilizations.  The war we and our progeny are now going to have to fight from within and without.   The same war the Christian Crusaders fought against the vile Mohammedist marauding aggressors in years past who had seized and plundered their land.  Only this time we are fighting both the Marxists and the Mohammedists who have colluded with each other to destroy all Western Civilization, free enterprise and freedom to take us back into the Stone Age. 
While the OWS nincompoops and useful idiots defecate on police cars, shout their anti-semitic obscenities, and eat their gourmet meals at their orchestrated protests paid for by the Unions and the George Soros global manipulators we are left holding the bag of getting the word out about their endgame of tyranny over us and death by government to anyone who will listen to the voice of reason.  Before it is too late. 
In the end America will be the last man standing and the last stand.  And with God’s help we’ll be the victors as long as we keep doing the right thing and keep our eyes on the prize.   Freedom.